Holiday after college entrance examination

By yqqlm yqqlm

When the bell rang, Zhuang Juan walked out of the examination room and looked up at the dazzling sunlight of the sky. Everything was quiet. Have you ever practiced the indulgence of madness again and again in your heart?

The vacation after the college entrance examination is one of my most meaningful summer vacations. I have been a salesman for nearly two months in the supermarket near my home, buying goods from moving goods, distributing leaflets, advertising on the streets, and drinking tea. The water is basically dry. The first job in my life, I felt very tired for the first time, once wanted to give up, but finally persisted. This is also the longest thing I insist on besides studying.

At that time, I realized the hard work of my parents, met many people I might never know, learned the truth that I can’t learn in school, and even got the first in life. A salary, bought gifts for parents.

It is also my first part-time job experience, which gives me more courage and confidence, and makes me have the courage to try and learn actively.

This summer vacation without homework, you must not waste it and do something you want to do. However, we must pay attention to safety.

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