How does it feel to miss to the extreme

By yqqlm yqqlm

Chen Xinzhe sang in”I Miss You Again”:I miss you again, I dare not close my eyes, the whole world is your smiling face; I miss you again, we are all familiar with the shuttle The picture, over and over again.

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I’m afraid you think I’m noisy and hold back I didn’t contact you. I tied my long hair and I refused Their kindness, I listen to it over and over again I want a better and rounder moon I want you, I write your name on the paper page by page, I always break the bank unconsciously, I miss you very much .

Someone asked me how it feels to miss the extreme. I once sent him a good night. I woke up seven times in one night and read the messages on the phone. It was the kind of terrible hazy consciousness. In my dreams, I dreamed that he seemed to have returned my message, and then the consciousness took me from the dream. Struggling to come out and look at the phone immediately. This is probably because the longing goes deep into the bones, and even the dream is unwilling to let it go.

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I really envy those who are in the same place as you, they can pass by you and ride in the same car, Walking on the same road and looking at the same scenery, they can even accidentally step on you in the turbulent crowd, say sorry, and then it’s okay to listen to you softly, how lucky they are, I can only silently in my heart Say I miss you.

If you like a person, you can’t hide it. Cover your mouth and it will run out of your eyes. I feel that this is the only thing I can do in my life. I think as long as I continue to like it, I feel like you are still around. When I think about what happens in case I don’t like you anymore, I am especially afraid of losing you and losing about All your news.

When did I start to like you? Probably one day, I suddenly realized that all the gentle things in this world remind me of you.

I really miss you.

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