How good is the”Beauty in Asia”? You can’t wear the non-marking pants of 90 pounds, but she drives easily

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When it comes to being called”the first beauty in Asia”, I believe that the first reaction of many people is Li ChengminClara. As a high-profile female artist in the Korean entertainment industry, her face value and temperament are outstanding, and when she regularly exercises and fitness, her figure can always attract the attention of many fans. It is a person who knows how to maintain herself. Female artist. Although she is now 34 years old, every time she appears in the event, she is always watched by many fans because of her style. Some time ago, she boldly tried non-marking trousers that others couldn’t wear 90 pounds, and unexpectedly showed her comic legs.

Li Chengmin’s face value and temperament are superior , So every time she appeared in the event, she always attracted attention because of her outfit, and she with good figure was also often invited to shoot fashion blockbusters. This time she wore a delicate ponytail hairstyle and exposed her forehead. The hairstyle will make the temperament more clean and refreshing, and also show her youthful vitality. This state does not look like a 34-year-old sister at all. And Korean women are very good at taking care of themselves, so now the aged Clara skin condition is still very well maintained, smooth and delicate blow can be broken.

For women with good body like Clara, they will definitely choose a short top, and this white sports vest is very A good show showed off her small waist, and at the same time stretched her figure proportions, it looked very tall and thin. This time, she also paired with a pair of non-marking pants that other people can’t squeeze in. They directly showed a pair of comic legs. The shapely legs are also enviable. After she put on the sports shoes, she looked very youthful in wearing style, giving a very sporty feeling. Li Chengmin’s aura with a freely concave shape is super strong, and he does not lose to the supermodels at all.

In short, Clara wears every time she appears She won’t miss the chance to show her body. When she put on a slim-fit black slim skirt, she was very thin, not to mention, and it also modified her figure lines very well. A good figure is really enviable. The matching of this black sports jacket and white shoes is also very clean and refreshing, and it also gives a very casual and comfortable atmosphere, so that the old Li Chengmin instantly ages and is as tender as 20s. The same as the old girl. Walking on the road to the airport, it gives people a feeling of being on a catwalk. I wonder if Li Chengmin likes it?

Short tops are no longer exclusive to girls, When Clara put on the white short top, she showed her uneven figure very well. Xiaoman’s waist can be said to be enviable. This high-waisted suit wide-leg pants with zebra pattern elements is also very casual and comfortable. It can highlight her youthful vitality, giving a very refreshing and comfortable feeling, of course, it is also very good stretch The proportion of her figure. When she put on a pair of white slippers, the look is very refreshing and clean, and it is also a very suitable dress for summer. I wonder if Li Chengmin wears it this time. Do you like it?

The childlike print t-shirt is also very clean It is very comfortable to wear with a pair of cool items and pink suit trousers. However, in order to increase the fashion sense of the style, Li Chengmin directly rolled it on the t-shirt and wore it directly into the exposed navel outfit, which is very good ‘S show showed her slim waistline. At the same time, it also stretched the proportion of the figure and directly showed a good figure. I have to say that today’s Li Chengmin is not like a 34-year-old old aunt. Whether it is temperament and charm or wearing a look, they are in line with the aesthetics of young people and look very young. I don’t know if you like the outfit of Li Chengmin, a female artist? Please leave a message to share your views.

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