How many people in the United States support Trump’s call”Chinese virus”? Poll results

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Source:Global Times

According to the report of the US Capitol Hill on July 14, the US Capitol Hill and the US A survey jointly conducted by Harris (HarrisX) polls shows that 66%of registered voters in the United States consider it inappropriate to refer to the new coronavirus with”Kung Fu Flu” or”Chinese Virus”, while 34%Thinks this is okay.

The Capitol Hill and Harris Corporation conducted a survey of 933 registered voters from July 3 to 4. The survey found that in terms of partisanship, 83%of Democratic supporters and 66%of nonpartisan believe that when talking about new coronavirus The use of the above two words is inappropriate. 56%of Republican supporters believe that these words repeatedly used by President Trump, the Republican, are appropriate.

Of Trump supporters, 62%thought the wording was appropriate, and 38%thought it was inappropriate. Among those who do not support Trump, as many as 89%think these words are inappropriate, and only 11%think it is appropriate.

Reports say that critics have pointed out that American society’s attacks on Asian Americans have increased, Trump’s remarks are part of the reason for this situation.