How terrible is the cold violence in the relationship? To put it bluntly is a”spiritual murder” in disguise

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Regarding feelings, it seems that no one has ever thought that the real harm to a person is to kill invisible.

In this world, there are many ways to harm a person, and the biggest harm is mental harm. Maybe he will not let you feel the physical torture, but it will make your body and mind tired.

He uses the calmest way to make you feel that you are not valued and ignored directly, no matter how much you give your heart, you will not get a response, let you feel this way, gradually It makes you discouraged and desperate. It must be said that such talents are the most ruthless.

He doesn’t need to put too much energy, as long as he is cold and violent towards you directly, does not treat you directly, and slowly makes his feelings cold. Therefore, in the relationship, the most feared thing is cold violence, he will make your body and mind feel self-doubt.

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01. Among the emotions, the most feared thing is Indifference after enthusiasm

The two people get along together, they had a tacit understanding together, and they felt good about each other, but they were treated indifferently at once, and they fell directly to the bottom, this kind of psychological difference It is the most hurtful way.

In the process of getting along with you, there is no fierce quarrel, no excessive verbal abuse, and even no heart for you, that is, plain and plain, just ignore it, he will not care about what you do, this way The talent is the most terrifying.

In your feelings, you are probably the most afraid of meeting such people, and your enthusiasm will become let down. You reply to the other party in seconds, and he responds to your reincarnation. This attitude will make a person kill all his will and patience.

Be aware that in a relationship, what you can’t stand is the neglect of the person you love, which is more painful than not loving.

In this realistic society, no one will give his enthusiasm to someone who is not worth it. If a person can’t reply to you, it’s not because of how busy he is, but because he doesn’t want to reply.

Emotions can’t stand coldness. People are afraid of indifference and heartbroken. Especially the indifference after enthusiasm is most sad.

The harm of cold violence can’t be underestimated. French psychotherapist Marie-France Irigoyan said in the book”Cold Violence”:”Through mental abuse, a person is really possible It is not an exaggeration to destroy another person and call it”spiritual murder”.”.

In the final analysis of the Cold War, it is the default to add faults to the other party and refuse to communicate. In fact, it is the biggest way to hurt a person. The kind of behavior without emotion will make people shudder.

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02, don’t be ill Every passion, don’t please any indifference

The cold violence in feelings actually makes a person helpless, the kind of feelings that don’t have any conflict and don’t feel any love, There is no meaning.

A person will not growl loudly with you, nor will he overthink you, but there will be no communication. This way will make a person fall into self-doubt.

It has to be said that cold violence may eventually destroy a person’s self-confidence and personality. In case of domestic violence, he can call the police, but cold violence is unable to refute, and can only consume it by himself.

Although this kind of injury is not direct, it is the strongest attack. Let your confidence and personality break down step by step. In the end, you can’t stand the collapse and take the initiative to leave. This is the highest spirit. murder.

For emotions, the most fearful thing is that the other party treats him as nothing, you are the air in his eyes, your joys and sorrows, and it has nothing to do with him, this is an intimate relationship The cruelest way to hurt a person.

I have to say that a person will treat you like this, and you have no value in his heart.

In this world, you may meet many people. Some people’s encounters are a gift, while others are a lesson.

In any case, you should recognize the people around you. Don’t treat people coldly and violently. It is the heart that once indifference hurts.

Sorrow is greater than heart death. Waiting for someone’s heart to die is equivalent to completely ruining everything between you.

Whether you are suffering from cold violence or using cold violence, do not treat every enthusiasm or please any indifference.

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In fact, it is not easy to meet someone with a sincere heart in your life. Don’t disappoint a person’s sincerity, because once this item is used up, there will be no more.

Like a person is hurt, he won’t pay anymore.

Love is always limited. You must recognize the other person’s sincerity, don’t just give it away, and give love to someone who deserves it.

In case of injury, stop loss in time, and in the cold, turn around and leave. Don’t give your enthusiasm to someone who is not worth it to you, no one is worth it to grieve yourself.