How to fill in college volunteers? The hot Internet is accelerating the introduction of unpopular majors

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Chutian Metropolis Daily, July 28 (Reporter Zhou Dan) With the announcement of college entrance examination scores across the country, the application of volunteers has become a hot topic again. For a long time, the enthusiasm of applying for professional employment has directly determined the enthusiasm of applying for the professional. In the past few years, IT Internet has always been the hottest and most competitive choice for fresh graduates. Computer and software engineering related to this have also become the most popular majors.

However, with the widening of the Internet+ boundary and the acceleration of the digitization of the service industry, the recruitment needs of Internet companies are undergoing unexpected changes. More and more professions that sound indifferent to the Internet are being favored and even touted. The employment prospects have opened a new window in the digital age.

The rapid development of the Internet industry and great demand

27-year-old Chen Yi graduated from Wuhan UniversityPreventive medicine major, unlike many classmates who wore a white coat after graduation, he wears a T-shirt to work every day. As a mutual insurance claims auditor of Alipay, his daily job is to sort out insurance claims rules, read massive pathology reports, imaging reports, and cross-verify the authenticity and validity of claims applicant information. Chen Yi said that his colleagues also majored in clinical medicine, forensic identification, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacy, nursing and other majors. A medical school.” He said with a smile.

The Internetization of medical professions, along with the rapid development of Internet insurance, has brought about the emergence of online medical consultation services. Recruitment platforms such as Zhilian and Liepin show that Internet platforms such as Ant, Tencent, WeDoctor, Dingxiang Doctor, and medical vertical Internet companies are all recruiting medical students.

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Similarly there is the rapid commercialization and Internetization of map navigation. The map business group of Internet companies has begun to recruit a large number of geographysurveying and mapping Professional talents. Chen Yi said that AutoNavi has many alumni from the surveying and mapping campus of Wuhan University. “It’s enough to make up half of the military survey.”

The digitalization of the service industry also brings new opportunities for graduates of agriculture, forestry and food. job opportunity. Fresh food e-commerce startup company Dingdong Shopping recruited fresh graduates this year, mainly from agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture colleges. The number of hiring is last year More than 30 times the same period.

Unpopular professional students also become fragrant pastries

Some of these unpopular professional young people work as fruit and vegetable sorters and identify unqualified fruits and vegetables; some Do food quality control and fruit sweetness test.

As a senior food safety expert who has worked in CDC for many years, Miao Hong is currently working at Ele.me, mainly to protect consumers’ food safety, as well as food safety and nutrition health for merchants. Management empowerment, last year also pioneered the labeling of calories for take-out meals.”In the future, Internet companies will be a melting pot of professions.” Miao Hong said.

In recent years, as Internet giants have accelerated their deployment in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, as well as basic disciplines, many basic sciences and engineering that are not related to the Internet have new employment options.

In 2018, the blockchain became a big hit. Many technology companies began to recruit cryptography majors to engage in data security And the research and development of privacy protection, for example, Alipay AntChain set up a”cryptographic group”. This unpopular major suddenly became a hot topic. Some students even received job offers when they were in their junior year.

An engineer from the AntChain cryptography team told reporters that, after graduating with a PhD in cryptography, he thought that he would be doing research in school for the second half of his life,”because it is useless after school.”

The reporter also learned that with the global expansion of Chinese Internet giants, more and more graduates of minor languages, international law, sociology, psychology and other majors are also contacting the Internet.

Xu Binqing, who graduated from the Department of Sociology of the National People’s University last year, now works for Alipay. When doing user research, the quantitative and qualitative research methods of sociology come in handy. She believes that the division of disciplines in universities has not changed much in the past 100 years, but society has undergone earth-shaking changes. Many positions require cross-thinking, especially in Internet companies:”There will be no more”matching” majors, almost any Majors have new opportunities and new possibilities.”