How to wear a different taste in the BM wind that is full of fire on the street

By yqqlm yqqlm

From last year to this year

The BM wind can be said to be popular all over the network

Since this summer, Douyin began to bring BM wind crazy goods

It also caused the trend of”all staff BM”

This A blue knit + blue plaid skirt

Even walking down the street

You can meet a girl wearing this in two steps

I have to admit

BM wind is really very hot in the moment


Celebrities and celebrities at home and abroad are keen on this kind of outfit

So today, the editor will take advantage of this so-called BM style

By the way to everyone Introducing a look that fits fat and thin

What is BM style?

BM means Brandy Melville

This is the name of a fast fashion brand in Italy

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The styles laid out from the official website are easy to see

Slim, short top, high waist skirt/High waist pants

These are typical BM styles

This fast fashion brand basically only makes S-size clothes

That is to say, usually only thin girls can hold it

Although this type of body style requires a very high style of wearing

It shouldn’t have been so big The wind

After all, not every girl can fit into such a small T-shirt

But under the frenzy of the celebrity celebrities bringing goods

The BM trend is still blowing up

BM wind representative

Blackpink’s Jennie

With BM wind Wear

There are a lot of circle pictures

This picture can be said to be classic

Same Teammates have never lost in the BM style

To say the BM style delegation

Blackpink may be the most representative girl group

BM wind blows this craze

Even domestic female stars can’t resist it

baby, Nana, Guan Xiaotong

Early arranged early

Pursue some kind of love The style of dressing is understandable

But there is no need to adapt yourself to clothes for this style

After all, it’s about wearing clothes

and Not wearing clothes

It’s not only thin, it’s beautiful

It’s not only thin, it can hold the BM style

As long as you master the know-how of BM style

Small fat sister can also wear her own style

BM wind wear collection | Same color top + high waist skirt /Pants

The BM style is the hottest series is the same color top + high waist skirt

Generally, the upper and lower bodywear are slim models

Knitted top + check skirt is the hottest

Taro color /Purple is very friendly to white skin, yellow and black skin

Girls who like BM style may wish to start from the taro color

If you are afraid to control the purple series of clothes badly


You can choose all-match white T with red check skirt

When the fat sister chooses a high waist skirt

It is recommended to focus on the size of the hips

In order not to highlight the small belly

The waist can be relaxed appropriately< /p>

As long as the hips are not overwrapped

The side looks A-shaped

There is a certain amount of space at the skirt


Don’t be too tight

You can have a thin effect

The choice for the upper body

Slim sweaters are definitely minefields

First of all, the knitted stripes should not be too large

Can’t be too fluffy

Otherwise, the expansion of the little fat sister will increase madly after the upper body

You can choose this type of wide-neck T-shirt with zipper style

The size can be selected according to the shoulder width

Leave it for yourself Some volume

The zipper can be pulled down properly

To a certain extent increase the degree of skin exposure

It can be thinner

especially for girls with clavicle

thinness max< /p>

Do not choose a style with too small cuffs

Otherwise, the arms will look tighter and tighter.

Like a model, choose a cuff with a slight gap

It will look cute when worn

But the top The choice is mainly based on shoulder width.

Otherwise it will affect the effect of head to shoulder ratio

In addition, a soft and smooth round neck T-shirt is also good

It is recommended for girls who are fat but have moderate chest size

Girls with big chests should never choose a round neck T that is too narrow

Otherwise it will increase the sense of cramps

The advantage turns into a disadvantage

It will look fatter Oh

However, the little fat sisters are more recommended


Crop top choosing this shirt style

First of all, the sleeve style can be properly covered The meat of the arm

In addition, the material of this type of shirt will not be too close to the body

The meat on the belly and waist can also be hidden

Whether it is the same plaid up and down

or white+red, white +Blue

As long as you make good use of plaid

you can create a BM sense

In addition

You can also use the same color top with high waist pants

One of the core elements of the BM style is the plaid

The other core element is the bright color

The BM style belongs to the girl wear series

So Never reject the youthful and lively bright colors

The upper body is slightly fat Girl

You can choose a mid-sleeved round neck T-shirt

Remember not to choose too loose styles

The fabric should not be too stiff

Sweatshirt+check high waist pants+Martin boots

also one A good choice

All in all, the first element of BM style

crop top+high waist bottom

Infinitely elongated legs, boldly show body


BM wind wear collection | all kinds of funny tops< /strong>

BM style girl feels very strong

So all kinds of funny T-shirts

It is also very popular in the BM wear series


This kind of T-shirt with a slightly loose arm and hem

It is very suitable for fat girls

The arms and waist will not be overwrapped

There will be no cramping

Visually it will be thinner

Of course, The pattern in the center of the T-shirt is also very funny.

Super BM style for girls bursting into the air

< /p>

T-shirts are not suitable for fat girls It will be harsh

Most of these T-shirts are straight shape

When choosing, pay attention to the bust size

Such a short top with high waist Pants

Can completely cover the flesh of the waist


bright color + cute pattern

BM core element Overlay

Girls are full of hearts

But it is recommended that girls in yellow and black skins can choose light purple or light blue when choosing a color


Colors with too high saturation tend to yellow and black

Sister who doesn’t dare to try bright colors

You can do it first Start with a colorful pattern and a colorful hem

The main white tone T-shirt will not appear black

But the design with colorful elements will make the overall look more playful

BM wind wear collection | short top + jacket

short top + outer jacket

Absolutely the secret of BM wind wearing


You can choose a similar ice silk knitted top as a coat

Ice silk knitting is cooler than normal style knitting


suitable for summer wear

When choosing a coat

Also pay attention to the color matching of the coat and the lower body p>

The T-shirt inside can choose the wild white like the model

Because the BM style series is mostly girly

White is more suitable than black as a matching item< /p>

Take a thin, loose and soft jacket

Both shade and cover

This dressing formula does not require high coats

but The collocation inside must be short enough

to achieve the effect of pulling up the waistline

< /p>

Want to be more active

You can choose a color coat

Inside, choose a white T-shirt

It’s a universal formula.

Of course, a soft jacket The dress is also the same

BM style wear collection | Slim jumpsuit short skirt

Slim jumpsuit short skirt should also follow the BM style matching Code

That is high waist, slim and slim

This kind of fresh check shirt skirt is a good choice


Skirt length is recommended to be 5-10cm on the knee

It is too short to travel easily

If it is too long, it will weaken the sense of girl

If you want a better waist effect

you can choose this type of waist adjustment Styled skirt

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The bubble sleeve square-neck dress is also one of the BM series items

The bubble sleeve can be visually Increase shoulder width

In order to optimize the head-to-shoulder ratio

But it is not necessarily suitable for girls with shoulder width

If girls with wide shoulders also like this kind of skirt


Be careful not to choose too stiff fabrics

Otherwise the puff sleeves will look very burly

The floral dress in white tone is also good

The drawstring design in the middle

Can be adjusted according to the individual body condition

< p>Choose softer fabrics

It will be more suitable for chubby girls

If the skirt is scattered outside, it will not highlight the small belly~

In fact, BM style Not relying on a single product to be recessed

Just need to master the several points of slim, high waist, plaid, and freshness

Different items

Can also match their own BM style