How to wear a fat body with five or six bens? Master these 5 tips and get rid of the passerby instantly

By yqqlm yqqlm

When it comes to wearing for the five-for-six crowd, it is nothing more than choosing the basic model, paying attention to the waistline and neat and comfortable, giving a clean and elegant feeling is the best dress. However, some people say that the thin old lady wears such a temperament, and you can’t wear it if you change your fat body. When you are 50 or 60 years old, the shape of the body is the norm. Now let’s take a look at how to wear the fat body of Ben Wu Ben Liu, master these 5 tips, you can also get rid of the passerby instantly, let’s take a look!

1. It’s important to grow up and avoid shortcomings, where to hide fatness

Women reach the age of five to six, and their body shape is inevitable. First of all, we need to know where we are fat, and make a dressing plan according to the specific situation. If there is more meat in the waist and abdomen, you can prefer to choose some tops that can cover the meat, such as loose shirts, loose shirt skirts or stacked wear, and also show slim parts. If the legs are thick, you can choose pants that can modify the leg shape and hide meat, such as conical pants, carrot pants and straight pants and many more. The shirt is stacked in a black vest, which combines simplicity, high-end and neatness. The nine-point straight trousers are thin and the legs are long.

Carrot pants belong to the style of trousers with obvious Tibetan meat effect. The thighs are loose and fit snugly with the legs to play the role of Tibetan meat. The trouser legs are narrowed to modify the calf line. Can wear a relaxed summer feeling, this denim radish pants with the same shirt, sunglasses, necklaces as embellishment, instantly a little more fashion sense.

Carrot pants, tapered casual pants, wide-leg pants are all It is a Tibetan meat artifact. It can easily wear casual and simple summer styles, giving a natural and comfortable visual experience. It is also very practical and versatile. It can be combined arbitrarily, whether it is a shirt, T-shirt or vest. When wearing a vest, the chubby grandmother should avoid tight-fitting models as much as possible.

2. Covering meat with a cardigan in summer

The chubby grandma wants to wear a harmonious and elegant look. Second, they can use cardigans or thin coats to cover the arm fat and waist fat. It can also enhance the sense of layering and make it more elegant.

The short cardigan is stylish and elegant, and the long cardigan covers the thighs The parts, the Tibetan meat is thinner, and the hem of the cardigan sways in the wind while walking, creating a light beauty and visually alleviating the sense of solidity.

In addition to cardigans, various thin coats can also play Covering the flesh effect, especially the sleek and smooth suit, chiffon loose shirt inside, combined with white nine-point pants to form the same color Look, silk scarf as embellishment, super neat and comfortable.

3. Moderate loosening is more comfortable and natural

For women who run five to six, when choosing a single product, they can prefer to choose a moderately loose style to avoid excessive tightness or hypertrophy. Moderately loose style can wear a comfortable and casual style, and the tolerance for body shape is relatively large, making you more comfortable. The black and white horizontal stripes dress is loose in style and basic in style. The red single shoes echo the silk scarf and are elegant and stylish.

In addition to wearing a long dress with loose shoulders, you can also wear it Adopting the stacking method, high-grade and stylish without losing the sense of hierarchy. The shoulder-shear design decorates the shoulder arm, the lines are elegant and straight, and the black and white color is simple and advanced.

4. Good at using fashion elements to wear out personality

Although the grandma needs to prefer the basic texture to wear out temperament, but this does not mean giving up some fashion elements, on the contrary, combining some fashion elements can make the shape more Brilliant colors, such as polka dots, prints and checkered elements, etc. A wave soul cardigan is put in the polka dot cardigan, and the handbag echoes the cardigan. The show is full of fashion.

Summer flower shirts and flower pants can also be worn and printed Nine-point black trousers with pure black tops are simple and simple, rivet sandals enhance the gloss, high-end and stylish.

The printed skirt has a dark cyan color as the base color and a large printed layer The layers are spread out to show the romantic and bright style of summer, not only does it not give people a grandiose feeling, but it is very personal.

5. Wear must focus on completeness

Compared with the bright summer wind, the five-and-six-fat women want to wear high-end temperament, and the simple one is still the best choice. You need to pay attention to the integrity when wearing it. Some accessories are indispensable, such as sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and belts. These accessories are separate and look down, but they can not be ignored.

White v-neck halter vest with tapered jeans, very Simple and refreshing summer wear, after embellished with pearl earrings, necklaces and watches, the shape immediately becomes fashionable and elegant, breaking the sense of passers-by. If you like these outfits, try these tips! what to wear todaywear red and black list