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The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today that it requires four U.S. media agencies in China to report to the Chinese side all written materials such as staff, finances, operations, and real estate information in China within four days as four new U.S. The Chinese media listed it as a”foreign mission” countermeasure. According to Lao Hu, the Chinese side is determined to retaliate against all troubles the US has found in the Chinese media agencies in the United States, and”accompanied by the end.”

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US relations to deteriorate impact on each other’s work two media , Which is very regrettable. Neither the Chinese media nor the American media should have blamed the escalation of tension between the two countries. I said that the two countries might wish to take the game of exchanging diplomats against each other. The reporter’s task should be to report that kind of hilarity, rather than being part of the hilarity ourselves.

However, it must be fair to say that China and the United States have taken action against each other’s media organizations, which was provoked by the United States and has repeatedly promoted upgrades. The United States began systematically starting with Chinese media agencies in the United States last year, forcing China to “report every newspaper” until today’s situation is formed.

The United States said that listing the Chinese media as a”foreign mission” is just a due process. In fact, their actions constituted a serious interference with the work of the Chinese media. Take the Global Times, for example, we set up a very small organization in the United States, registered a company, hired several local employees, and engaged in some related businesses. The United States always finds troubles, which makes some of our employees deeply afraid and affects the safety of themselves and their families. In addition, many authors in the United States also felt pressure, and some stopped writing for us. We can clearly feel that McCarthy has climbed out of the tomb again and re-established an”ism” full of hostility towards China in American society, and it has directly hit our heads.

Affected by the”new McCarthyism” in the United States, our authors in Australia and other places also have some concerns about their own safety. Old Hu Zhen did not expect that the”press freedom” in the West had so many restrictions, it was more like a game within a certain range.

Anyway, I hope that by today, the grievances of the two countries around the media organizations will be even. The United States should stop engaging in new escalations. It is hoped that the mainstream US media will also exert influence on its government, and do not endlessly succeed. If the U.S. takes any further action, as far as I know, China will definitely continue to counterattack.

The U.S. government now only provides Chinese journalists in the United States with a three-month visa. Whether the U.S. side allows Chinese journalists in the United States to renew their visas in time will certainly affect the stability of the U.S. journalists’ visa extension in China. Lao Hu’s hope is that reporters from both sides will not have trouble in this regard.

I would also like to remind the US to pay special attention to Article 54 of the National Security Law of Hong Kong, which clearly states that the duties of the National Security Agency in Hong Kong include the management and service of foreign news organizations in Hong Kong. The United States is said to have hundreds of journalists in Hong Kong. If the”media war” between China and the United States continues to ferment, Beijing can choose to retaliate against the United States more than the United States exerts pressure on China.

Lao Hu still believes that China and the United States are”peaceful”, especially not to push harder toward each other’s media organizations. The industry of reporters is becoming more and more difficult all over the world, the income is becoming less and less competitive, but the hard work is rising vertically. The United States, as the most provocative country to promote”press freedom”, please stop embarrassing Chinese media people in the United States and give them due respect. If Washington really wants to make the work of the US media agency in China smoother, please pay attention to my suggestion.

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The United States listed some Chinese media agencies in the United States as “foreign missions”, and Zhao Lijian announced China’s countermeasures!

On July 1, 2020, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian hosted a regular press conference. The following is part of the actual record.

In recent years, the US government has imposed restrictions on the normal news reporting activities of Chinese media agencies and personnel in the United States, making unreasonable difficulties and escalating discrimination and political suppression of Chinese media. On February 18, 2020, the United States will distribute Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, a US distribution company, China International Television (CGTN), China Radio International, and the People’s Daily overseas distributor of the United States (Haitian Development Co., Ltd.) in China. The coal body resident agencies are listed as”foreign missions”. On March 18, the Chinese side requested that the”Voice of America”,”New York Times”,”Wall Street Journal”,”Times Weekly” and”Washington Post” five US media agencies in China declare to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs News All written materials such as staff, finances, operations, and real estate information in China.

On June 22, the US once again announced that it would add four Chinese media, namely China Central Television (CCTV), People’s Daily, Global Times and China News Service, as”foreign missions.” As a counter-measure against the above actions of the US, China announced that it requested the United States News Agency (AP), the United States International Press (UPI), the United States Broadcasting Corporation (CBS), and the United States National Public Radio (NPR) from now on7 Report all written materials such as all staff, finances, operations, and real estate information owned by China to China within a few days.

It should be pointed out that the above-mentioned measures of the Chinese side are completely necessary countermeasures against the US side unreasonably suppressing the Chinese media agencies in the United States and forced to carry them out. They are completely legitimate defenses. The relevant US practice is based on Cold War thinking and ideological prejudice, which seriously damages the reputation and image of the Chinese media, seriously affects the normal operation of Chinese media in the United States, seriously interferes with the normal humanities exchanges between China and the United States, and exposes the so-called “press freedom” that it advertises. Hypocrisy. China urges the US to immediately change its course and correct its mistakes, and stop political suppression and unreasonable restrictions on the Chinese media.

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The United States plans to start with the Global Times, Hu Xijin:I can’t breathe

June 4th, According to reports from Reuters and The Wall Street Journal, after the United States listed five Chinese media as diplomatic missions in February, the United States is looking to add more Chinese media to the crackdown list. It is reported that this includes China Central Television (CCTV), China News Service, Phoenix Satellite TV, and the Global Times.

For this news, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of”Global Times”, posted on Weibo and Twitter on June 9 There was a satire on the site:

According to the Wall Street Journal, the US State Department is preparing to list the Global Times as a”foreign mission.” It turns out that we are so important, we didn’t know it before.

It seems that the US intelligence agencies are full of rice bins, or there are quite a few who can be fooled like Lao Hu.

Lao Hu De is here to give an opinion to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Is it possible that Lao Hu and his colleagues will go abroad to help issue a red diplomatic passport. You look at other Americans, they all pay so much attention to the Global Times, do you also give some treatment, do not let us have this title (title)?

I also saw the US regulations saying that registering foreign missions seems to be an obligation, not giving rights, and no diplomatic immunity. This is serious discrimination. Protest, protest,”I can’t breathe”, I can’t breathe.

In addition, Hu Xijin quipped on Twitter:”The global market-oriented media”Global Times” has also been added to foreign missions? We don’t know how important we are (smiley), United States The intelligence agencies do not seem to be so smart.”

In response to the five Chinese media that were previously”buckled” by the United States, Geng Shuang, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responded on February 19:The media is an important bridge and link for people from all countries to strengthen communication and enhance understanding. For a long time, Chinese media agencies in the United States have upheld the principles of objectiveness, fairness, truthfulness and accuracy in carrying out news reports. The United States has always advertised freedom of the press, but it has no reason and unacceptable interference or obstruction of the normal operation of Chinese media in the United States.

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