Hua Chunying countered Pompeo’s concise words, exposing his lying face to broad daylight

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U.S. domestic chaos, diplomatic failure, and the Trump administration are in a hysterical state. Pompeo is like a mad dog caught with rabies virus, biting China everywhere. Following Huawei’s Hong Kong issue, he has focused on the South China Sea. He misrepresented that China’s claim on most rights in the South China Sea was “completely illegal” and did not recognize Zengmu’s shoal as China’s southernmost territory. Pompeo issued this statement to coincide with the 4th anniversary of the”China-Philippines South China Sea Arbitration Case”.

Western media commented that Trump made a completely different stance choice from his predecessor, that is, choosing a side stand in the South China Sea dispute and standing on the opposite side of China. This marks that the United States is different from the previous practice of not choosing a side station in the South China Sea dispute, which further exacerbates the tension between China and the United States.

Pompeio’s statement is full of loopholes. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying posted 11 tweets and listed 10 basic facts later on the 14th, countering Pompeio, concisely speaking and cutting edge, exposing Pompeio’s ugly face to the light of day under.

These facts include:As early as 1948, the Chinese government published the first version of the official South China Sea map, marking the South China Sea intermittent line. It was not announced in 2009 by Pompeo. More than 70 years ago, when China recovered the Nansha Islands and Xisha Islands that were illegally occupied by Japan, the warships used were provided by the United States. and many more.

Peng Peiao, who must be opposed to Peng Zhong, jumped out to play the South China Sea card at this time, highlighting the anxiety and poor skills of the Trump administration.

First of all, this is a political operation in the US election year. There are only more than 100 days left in the presidential election, and the epidemic in the world’s most powerful country is completely out of control. Trump’s polls are far behind the Democratic candidate Biden. He desperately needs to find an enemy and shift the focus of domestic attention. As Bloomberg commented:”The Trump administration is trying to find all the nails that can be nailed into the coffin.”

Secondly, the rapid growth of China’s economy, technology and military power rivals the United States in some key areas. The United States regards China as a competitor, and is actually an enemy. At the same time, the new coronavirus has further deteriorated relations between the two countries. Sanctions against Huawei, the passage of Taiwan-related and Hong Kong-related laws, cancellation of visas for foreign students, sanctions against Chinese companies, etc., the United States actually launched an economic war against China. As some experts describe, Sino-US relations are”falling down with the acceleration of free fall.”

Third, the South China Sea card is just one of them. This year, the United States has played the Taiwan and Hong Kong cards. China is tit-for-tat, and it has not only made inconsistencies. It has not only announced sanctions on four American politicians, but also imposed sanctions on Lockheed Martin, the main contractor in the arms sales case. It is not good for the United States to hurt people by playing Hong Kong cards. After playing the cards in Taiwan, the United States may catch fire. On the contrary, the United States believes that on the South China Sea issue, the risk may be small, and that it is absolutely certain that it can overwhelm China before deciding to make trouble in the South China Sea.

Historically, forces from outside the Western world came to the South China Sea to stir up troubles, not to help you sincerely, but to”inflame the wind” and”raise the wind and waves”, lest the South China Sea would not be chaotic. Encouraging the countries around the South China Sea to become fodder, the United States is vainly trying to benefit from fishermen. ASEAN and Asian countries should have a high degree of wisdom to prevent the South China Sea from becoming the”Second Middle East”.

As a matter of fact, a statement can’t afford any waves, and ASEAN countries are not so easy to be fooled. The most obvious statement of the Philippines. The foreign minister of the country, Teodoro Losin, tweeted,”This is tougher than previously said, but one problem between us and the current US government is that they make a very tough statement on an issue, Then he stepped down in a few months.””That means it’s really not that effective.”

The Chinese people’s determination to defend their national sovereignty is unwavering. Two years ago, when Chinese leaders met with former US Secretary of Defense Mattis, they warned face to face:”On issues involving China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, our attitude is firm and clear, and the territory left by our ancestors cannot be even an inch. Lost, we don’t want anything else.”

The truth is always within the cannon’s range, and the People’s Army is a strong backing to defend territorial sovereignty. The United States is strong enough, but it is not strong enough to do whatever it wants in front of China. Just as Pompeo publicly denied my sovereignty over the South China Sea, the PLA newspaper published an article saying,”The Chinese people will never succumb to any foreign military deterrence and coercion. Any foreign country should not expect China to trade in its own core interests. It is expected that China will swallow the bitter fruits that undermine national sovereignty, security, and development interests.””America’s military provocations in the South China Sea are destined to be in vain.”