Hulk does not renew the contract! The window for winning the championship in Shanghai is over? Only by recalling Wu Lei can he compete with Hengjing

By yqqlm yqqlm

July 15th, Beijing time, Brazilian media interviewed Hulk, Hulk said that after the contract expires, it will not be the same as Shanggang Renew the contract. With the overall situation of the Chinese Super League following closely, how can it be possible for Shanghai to maintain its own advantages and continue to compete with Evergrande and Guoan under the circumstances of no big-name foreign aid joining? There is only one answer, which is to prompt Wu Lei’s return as soon as possible. Otherwise, there will be too much blood loss in Shanghai, or it will be difficult to be competitive again.

Hul In an interview with Brazil’s”Global Sports”, Ke made it clear that his contract with Shanghai will expire in December this year. After the contract expires, he is not prepared to renew the contract with Shanghai for a long time.”I have received a lot of quotations at present. I can participate in the Champions League The big clubs, Brazil clubs, and other Chinese teams, I don’t want to stay in Shanghai.”

Yihu Judging from the current age and ability of Erke, it is difficult to go to the Champions League giants. If you return to the Brazilian club, your income will be greatly reduced, or other Chinese Super League > Club digging people? In any case, as an important fulcrum for Shanghai’s frontcourt attack, if Hulk leaves the team, it will inevitably be a heavy blow for the team.

The situation is now different from the past. Once Hulk leaves, Shanghai Hong Kong has become more difficult to find big-name foreign aid of similar levels. Under such circumstances, returning Wu Lei as soon as possible is also an option for Shanghai.

In Spain After people were demoted in advance, Wu Lei’s whereabouts also became noticeable. Despite Wu Lei’s position, he was willing to follow the Spaniards in the West Second B field, indicating that the level of West B is higher than that of the Chinese Super League. However, with the chaotic thinking of the Spaniard changing to five coaches a year, the team is in a state of slack, unless the reform is drastic, unless it is not easy to return to La Liga quickly. Moreover, Wu Lei is about to turn 29 years old, and the cost of following the Spaniards is too high.

Under such circumstances, Wu Lei might as well return to the Chinese Super League as soon as possible, so that there is no need to worry about too much exposure and loss of income. Shanghai and Hong Kong can also guarantee to compete in the championship, which is a win-win situation.