Human ancestors did not come from Africa, Songshan can testify

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●Wang Jiansong

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The academic circles have been arguing about the origin of human beings. Due to the unearthed fossils of human remains that are believed to be the earliest 5 million years ago in Africa, the theory that humans”out of Africa” ​​once prevailed. Chinese academic circles have also begun to say that ancient Chinese humans originated from Africa. The American Science Magazine once pointed out that the”Xuchang people” living at the Lingjing site in Xuchang, Henan, China may be descendants of ancient Chinese and European humans. However, in recent years, archaeological discoveries in Asia and Europe have made major discoveries. The human fossils found in some areas are not later than in Those fossils found in Africa. Now, some scientists have proposed a new theory:the first one that can walk upright. Through many years of research, the author has come to the conclusion that human ancestors did not come from Africa, but the origin of Africans was China. How to prove? Songshan can testify.

Mount Song is the first piece of land in the world where the sea is exposed. The idiom”Song Sheng Yue Jiang” interprets the great pioneering work of 3.6 billion years ago. It is the longest mountain in the world. It is called”the ancestor of ten thousand mountains” and”the heart of heaven and earth.” The Yellow River, rushing and surging, has nurtured generations of Chinese children. Songshan and the Yellow River complement each other, which is not only the source of the idiom”great rivers and mountains”, it is also called the”mother river” of the Yellow River and the”father mountain” of Songshan. For thousands of years, the verses praising Mount Song,”Cui Ling Qianzhong Bao Chusai, Yellow River Line Lower Qinchuan” have been widely sung.

When the whole world was still immersed in a vast ocean, Mount Song was born, witnessing the whole process of the evolution of the entire earth. According to geological experts, there are clearly preserved relics formed in the ancient times of 3.6 billion years ago in the Songshan area, especially when the three precambrian land-building and orogenic movements occurred in 2.5 billion, 1.87 billion, and 543 million years ago. Integrating contact surfaces and the remains of typical structural morphology, these three violent global tectonic movements are called”Songyang Movement”,”Zhongyue Movement”, and”Shaolin Movement” respectively; they are completely exposed within less than 400 square kilometers of Songshan Mountain The unique sequence of metamorphic rocks and submerged rocks in the five geological and historical periods of Archean, Proterozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic in the world is a well-deserved”five generations in one house” and is called the only one in the world by the geological community.”Encyclopedia of Earth Science”, and”Natural Geology Museum”.

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600 million years ago, green plants multiplied in the ocean and became the main members of marine life. The free oxygen produced by green plants during photosynthesis continues to accumulate, eventually leading to the formation of the high-altitude ozone layer. It can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays and protect the creatures on the ground from harm. Therefore, 400 million years ago, green plants began to develop from the ocean to the land. Land spore plants landed first, and then gymnosperms and angiosperms appeared in sequence. Animals dared to land and develop, and amphibians, reptiles and mammals appeared in sequence. Listed below is the”Songshan Earth Evolution and Human History Chronology”. After reading this timetable, you will know that human origins did not come from Africa.

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The evolution of the earth and the chronology of human history

4.6 billion years ago:the beginning of the ancient times, the birth of the earth.

3.6 billion years ago:Ancient Archaean, Songshan was born and deposited. It is an important scientific basis for the idiom story”Song Sheng Yue Jiang”.

3.2 billion years ago:In the Middle Archaean, life phenomena began to appear.

2.5 billion years ago:Early Proterozoic, Songyang movement occurred, prokaryotes (fungi, cyanobacteria) appeared.

1.8 billion years ago:In the Mesoproterozoic, Zhongyue movement occurred and eukaryotes (green algae) appeared.

800 million years ago:No hard-shelled animals appeared in the Neoproterozoic.

600 million-500 million years ago:Paleozoic, Shaolin movement occurred, trilobites flourished, and hard shell animals appeared.

250 ​​million years ago:Early mammals appeared in the Mesozoic era, trilobites and tetralobate corals became extinct, dinosaurs appeared, and entered the age of gymnosperms.

130 million years ago:Mesozoic Yanshan Movement occurred and Archaeopteryx appeared.

90 million years ago:In the new Mesozoic, primitive primates that feed on the fruits of insects, ferns and gymnosperms began to appear.

65 million years ago:Cenozoic Himalayan movement occurred, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, ichthyosaurs, ammonites, etc. became extinct, real birds appeared, and entered the era of mammals and angiosperms.

55 million years ago:Cenozoic ancient mammals appeared, and the Chinese apomorphosis appeared in the Songshan area. It means”dawn at dawn”. The discovery of Century Shu ape overturned the thesis that mankind originated in Africa, and pushed forward the appearance of great apes by 10 million years.

15 million years ago:The earth’s temperature began to drop.

8 million years ago:Humans appeared, and there were Ramah apes on the land of China.

2 million years ago:Chinese Wushan apes appeared.

1 million years ago:There are continuous distribution of human fossils and stone tools in the Songshan area of ​​the Central Plains from 100 million years ago to 50,000 years ago. With the beginning of chaos, the story of Pangu Kaitian began to circulate.

500,000-100,000 years ago:Chinese humans and early Paleolithic appeared on a large scale in Songshan area.

10000-8000 years ago:China entered the early Neolithic Age. The Fuxi, Suiren and Shennong clan, also known as the Three Emperors era, were born in the Central Plains area dominated by Songshan.

6000-5000 years ago:The Songshan area in the world entered the civilization period, and the two emperors Yanhuang and Huang of the Shaodian tribe were born in the eastern foot of Songshan Mountain. After the integration of many tribes, the Chinese nation has begun to take shape.

4200 years ago:The Xia Dynasty, the first dynasty of China headed by Dayu, was at the foot of Mount Song Yangcheng was established. The Huaxia nation entered a period of prosperous development, and the Shang and Zhou dynasties also built their capitals around the central plains of Songshan, and the Huaxia nation gradually expanded to all directions.

“African origin theory” turned into a”bubble”

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In the northwestern Songshan region in the 1990s, due to During the construction of the Xiaolangdi Project on the Yellow River, the state specially organized a group of paleontologists and paleontologists to conduct rescue excavations on a palaeontological archaeological site called”the first site” on the north bank of the Yellow River that was about to be submerged by the Yellow River. The gum fossils characteristic of higher primates are the true primates evolved 55 million years ago-Mirror monkey fossils, named”Chinese Dawn Ape” or”Century Dawn Ape”. Since then, Dawn Ape has a clear identity, the highest higher primate known to date. The discovery of the Chinese apes (the dawn at dawn) overturned the thesis that humans originated in Africa and pushed the appearance of the apes forward by 10 million years.

It evolved into a higher primate 45 million years ago, and then under population pressure, along the food chain of woody angiosperms, after tens of thousands of years of reproduction, migration, distributed to all parts of the world, and finally entered Tropical Africa near the equator opened the prelude to the history of human evolution and development on earth. As early as between 1 million and 10,000 years ago, there were activities of Chinese ancestors in the Songshan area. It has been discovered that the Zhiji Cave in the north of Wangzongdian Village in Xingyang Cui Temple at the foot of Songshan Mountain, and the Shennan of Gongyi at the north foot of Songshan Mountain. The Junzhao Paleolithic Cultural Site in Dengfeng at the southern foot of the Gou and Songshan Mountain is proof.

In January 2008, during an archeological excavation of a Paleolithic site in Xuchang on the southern foot of Songshan Mountain in the Central Plains, Chinese archaeologists discovered a relatively complete ancient history of 80,000 to 100,000 years ago. Fossils of human skulls, this discovery fills the gaps in the research on the origin of modern Chinese. After scientific research, experts believe that the discovery of the skulls of the”Xuchang people” has great scientific value for studying the evolution of ancient humans in East Asia and the origin of modern Chinese. So far, the international academic circles have talked about the”African origin theory” about the origin of modern mankind. Modern Chinese people are all descendants of humans from Africa and turned into”bubbles.” Facts have proved that modern Chinese people have come from their own land step by step. of.

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Songshan”extracts two shows, living in all directions”, thus forming a broad Central Plains cultural circle with Songshan as the center. Become an inclusive and highly attractive Chinese cultural communication center. Mount Song is the source of Chinese civilization and the sacred mountain of Chinese culture. Therefore, Songshan has the ancient name of Tianshi, Dashi, and Taishi, and the capital was built around Taishi Mountain in Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties. There is Taishi Temple (Zhongyue Temple) at the foot of Taishi Mountain, which is called Taishi and Taimiao in ancient literature. In other words, the Zhongyue Temple under Mount Song is the earliest ancestral hall or ancestral temple of the Chinese nation. After the death of the founder of the Han nation and the person who made a major contribution to the prosperity of the nation, the ancients cut the wood and enshrined it in the Taishi Temple (Tai Temple). Grand ancestor worship and sacrifice ceremonies are held every year.

According to the natural law of the change of heaven and earth, the ancients came to the conclusion that everything is centered on me and cannot be biased. They believed that Mount Song, located in the heaven and earth, was the golden key to open the mysterious door between heaven and earth and all things. . Standing on the top of Mount Song, looking at the distant shadow of the Yangtze River to the south, the Yellow River in the north, the sunrise of Mount Tai in the east, and Mount Hua in the westLuoyang span> sunset. Here, you can combine its virtues with the heaven and the earth, with the sun and the moon, and its order with the four seasons. You can understand the sky and the earth, and unlock the mysteries of nature and human life. Therefore, Fuxi, Nüwa, Huangdi, Yaodi, Dayu, Yiqi, Shangtang, Zhougong, Guanzi, Laozi, Guiguzi, Chen Sheng, Zhang Daoling, Bodhidharma, Kou Qianzhi, Wu Zetian, Ercheng, etc. The ancient sages searched for the”Songmen” in Songshan, looked at the Songmen, and read the Songmen, from which they”understood the truth, clarified the truth, and saw the nature”, generated inspiration, realized the ways, and created human miracles one after another.

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