Human relics of 248 million years, humans are not the only advanced intelligent creatures on earth

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There is evidence that complex life forms may exist on the earth billions of years ago

There is a lot of accurate evidence that humans may not be the first complex life forms that appeared on earth . In fact, recent studies and archaeological discoveries indicate that complex life forms may appear on the earth, and at this time scientists say there is nothing on the earth.”The discovery of evidence of life 3.8 billion years ago is shocking…”

Throughout the history of our planet, we will find that scientists agree that the earth is about 4.6 billion years old . However, recent discoveries have led to many theories that show that our planet and life on Earth—not just single-celled organs—have called the Earth home even before modern humans appeared.

Showing signs and scientific evidence

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Scientists have discovered carbon ribbon crystals, which are 300 million years earlier than previously thought as”the oldest life on earth”, which can be traced back to 4.5 million years ago.

Although these crystals cannot prove the existence of biological life, they indicate the existence of chemical signs of life.

A geochemistry team at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has just discovered evidence of life on Earth 41 million years ago. This discovery means that life appeared four and fifty-four thousand years ago, shortly after our world was formed. This research was recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Another very interesting study was published in the”Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”. As the lead author, Michael Kipp (MichaelKipp), he is a PhD in Earth and Space Sciences from UW. Analyze the isotope ratio of selenium in sedimentary rocks to measure the presence of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere 2.4 billion years ago.

The results of the research are very interesting.

Lead researchers Eva Stucken and Roger Buick stated in the paper,

“There is fossil evidence that complex cells can be traced back to about 1 billion years ago. Buick said:”But the oldest fossil is not necessarily the oldest fossil ever, because the possibility of preservation as a fossil is very low..

This research shows that before there is fossil evidence, There is enough oxygen in the environment to allow complex cells to evolve and become ecologically important. He added,”It doesn’t mean they will do it, but they can.”

Basically, scientists used selenium in sedimentary rocks as a tool to measure the oxygen content in the Earth’s atmosphere 2.4 billion years ago. This study provides new evidence of how the presence of oxygen changes The addition of selenium has even affected the emergence and disappearance of complex life forms.

The results show that complex life cells have enough oxygen to develop.

Controversial findings

Called pseudoscience, collusion or other names along this line, countless discoveries point out that there may be possible life. If it were not for the prosperity of the earth millions of years ago.

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People with huge footprints scattered all over the world show that in the distant past, writing Before history, weirdly large creatures may roam the earth. If we look at the ancient writings of South America, North America, Europe and Asia, we will find that ancient cultures mentioned giants in their ancient writings. However, some ancient documents Not only mentions the giants, but also implies that they are real.

One of the most controversial footprints is in Africa near the town of Mparuzzi near the border of Swaziland.

It is believed that the granite block on which the huge footprint is located can be traced back to 200 to 3 billion years. This fascinating footprint was discovered more than a hundred years ago when a hunter named Stoffel was hunting in the area in 1912 I found it by accident.

Since the footprint is located in a very remote area of ​​the African continent, the possibility of the footprint being carved into a scam is extremely low.

One possibility is, What we are observing is an actual footprint. When our planet was very different from today’s millions of years ago, the giant left its footprint.

Another possibility, according to many people It is extremely unlikely that large-scale footprints are the result of natural erosion, and a phenomenon called”pallinism” is showing us a familiar shape. In this case, it is a footprint.

Recently, in an area near a village in China, photographers made a sensational discovery. They found (and photographed) the footprints of a huge creature. In the picture below, you can clearly understand See the footprints embedded in the rocks. Compared with the feet of ordinary humans, the footprints embedded in the rocks are at least twice as large.

Footprints can be traced back nearly 300 million years ago…

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1987, paleontologist Jerry Macdonald in New Mexico The state discovered footprints 290 million years ago. The discovery of human impressions left McDonald particularly confused. He and anyone who has observed and studied this impression can not explain how this modern footprint is. Located in the Permian strata. According to scholars, this period can be traced back to 248 million years, which occurred long before humans, even birds and dinosaurs existed on this planet.

Furthermore, cultural relics all over the world were discovered millions of years ago.

One of them is a controversial artifact found in 1889 near Nampa in southwestern Idaho, when workers were drilling for water. The little figures cleverly formed in clay have always been one of the greatest mysteries, creating chaos and surprise among scholars. Researchers say it dates back to about two million years ago.

The writers Richard Thompson and Michael Cremo explained in detail the mainstream view of history and evolution in their books. The hidden history of the human race (abbreviated version of”Forbidden Archaeology”):

“Except for people, no one knows that there are traditional works of art like the statue of Nampa.”

So, Evidence shows that modern humans lived in the pre-Pleistocene America about two million years ago.