Huo Siyan’s second daughter’s face was exposed for the first time? Looks like humming, Du Jiang embraces her daughter and spoils her eyes

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On the morning of July 14, some media exposed actorsHuo Siyan family’s current situation, Huo Siyan’s family is traveling with a little girl, the little girl is wearing a yellow dress, the height is already tall, Huo Siyan is taking care of the little patient on the side girl. The little girl is suspected of Huo Siyan’s second child, which is also the first time her frontal exposure.

However, Huo Siyan’s family has never admitted to having a second child, Previously, their son Uh-huh said in the show childlessly:&34; sister’s name is ouch hello. &34; However, Du Jiang always avoids this topic ingeniously. Huo Siyan also liked this report.

From all the signs, Huo Siyan and Du Jiang seem to be indeed There is a young daughter, but since neither of them has publicly acknowledged it, you don’t have to speculate too much. Uh-huh occasionally mentioned the sister on the show and said:&34; My sister can already grow up. &34; It seems that the family really loves their sister.

This netizen commented:&34; Don’t shoot it at the event. &34; Others think that hum is cute, and children’s words can always make the audience laugh. Some people especially envy the happy atmosphere of Huo Siyan’s family, one child and one daughter are very sweet, and hope that the children can grow up happily.

This is not the first time about Huo Siyan’s second child It is reported that in June, some netizens exposed that Hussi Yan’s nanny took two children to visit Huo Siyan.

Brother hum is much taller than his sister, and his head is very handsome , And my sister is cute in a red dress.

Huo Siyan is 39 years old this year and has been with Du Jiang since 2012 After the relationship was exposed in the year, the process of getting married and having a baby is very sweet, and the relationship after marriage is also very stable.

After marriage, they have a cute elder son named Du Yuqi, Born in 2013, participating in parent-child programs with mom and dad has been loved by many people.

Although Huo Siyan and Du Jiang did not recognize the second child, but Many netizens are envious of the life of their family of four. If they really have a daughter, they will tell everyone at the right time.