Hurry up and throw away Bermuda shorts,”Cauliflower Pants” is popular this summer, He Sui puts on super aura

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Summer heat strikes. Of course, shorts are the best way to wear hot air. The Bermuda shorts that used to be popular in the circle of friends are no longer coming back this summer. If you must choose a style, it must be This intriguing”cauliflower pants” has a unique shape that is popular among people, and can bring you the most intuitive matching moment, even He Sui< /span> It is also deeply immersed in its charm, come to Kangkang what magic it has!

“Cauliflower pants” is between the skirt and the pants A style of this type of pants. The legs of this type of pants are designed to be very wide. It looks like a skirt from the outside. It uses the effect of wrinkles on the waist to create a state of flowers and buds. It looks very fresh and natural. The most common is to avoid the bloat and tolerate the body to the greatest extent. In the sweltering summer, it can also keep a cool, so that people can go to the ground and enjoy the high temperature. Who would not love it? The biggest acceptance is still its versatility, if you want to match the color, start with these single items!

One:T-shirt articles

The versatile nature of the T-shirt is naturally unnecessary for me to say, the comfortable and easy-to-wear characteristics also make it popular all seasons, with”Cauliflower”Pants”, there is a special flavor, this pants type is worthy of a very layered quality good thing, the pleated design makes it look like a skirt, the length of the seven-point blessing is like a very petal, the sweetness and flexibility are just revealed However, the loose-fitting version is actually a special modification to the figure, and the pants-retaining version is also tough. With a pair of high heels, it shows charm in the details.

If you want to pursue age reduction, you can put on a pair of canvas Shoes, although there is a little less feminine femininity, but a little more playful and beautiful feeling, if it is a small girl, don’t forget to wear waist tie when matching, this will have the effect of improving the waistline, points Minutes create the visual sense of long legs, and the folds around the waist will also increase the ruffle-shaped edge, which is more unforgettable. When you travel, wear a sweater on the upper body, which has a more sense of design.

Two:sleeveless tops

The dark color will make the fold lines on the pants more clear, with a strong sense of presence, and the stable color creates a gentle temperament It also has the image of everyone’s boudoir, combined with light-colored clothing, there is a sense of layering. The jacket is chosen for a simple sleeveless vest. The flower shape on the chest looks very generous, and the upper and lower integrated styling effect is also very attractive. Step on a pair of light-colored high-heeled sandals for a date!

Purple, with mystery, noble and elegant colors It can make your clothes rise to a higher level. The charm brought by purple can’t be created by other colors, and the emotional atmosphere it brings is also the highest. The proper combination can make you easily attract the public’s eyes. Sleeveless The design can also highlight the slender arm lines, add femininity, and the black”cauliflower pants” make the overall style more stable, and the gas field is so strong that people can’t move their eyes. Such a combination must also rely on a colorful makeup. , A ox blood lipstick is your best choice.

Three:suit articles

If you don’t want to neutralize the hearty side of”Cauliflower Pants”, you can continue this style to the greatest extent, like the neutral lady Don’t forget that your boyfriend’s suit is full of power. Choosing a medium-length style reduces the serious and monotonous stereotype of the suit. The black and white contrast brings a full sense of style. It is thin and fashionable. , Very suitable for street shooting!

It is true that a suit with too strong professional sense is not suitable for daily use Wear it, to avoid this choice in style selection, loose and casual suits are also super good, with”cauliflower pants” will be more harmonious, the whole body black gives a light and stable feeling, at this time the inner ride You can choose a gray or white to create a layered effect. I have to say that this kind of wear is really loveable.

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