I really admire Masu’s self-confidence, the hips are already so wide, I have to wear the hip skirt hard on my body

By yqqlm yqqlm

There are many celebrities in the entertainment industry who have good resources, but the good hands are shredded by themselves. The female star introduced this time was very hot before, but because some things are not as famous as before, then follow the editor to see which female star.

This female star is Ma Su, referring to Ma Su, most people are probably familiar with it. Many people have seen her work such as “Beijing Youth” and”Xueyuezhuan”, it can be said that Ma Su is a very good A powerful actress. Ma Su looks pretty, but her crotch width is a bit big.

We all know a person If you are crotch wide, you should pay attention to your usual wear and try to hide this shortcoming. However, Ma Su wore a hip-skirt skirt, and generally girls would not try to wear such skirts, because such skirts require girls to have a good figure. After Ma Su puts on such clothes, it will appear that her hip width is short.

In fact, this shortcoming can also be Hidden, as long as you will have certain wearing skills. First of all, you can wear a fluffy skirt, which can cover the hip width, and secondly, you can choose black, which not only makes people look sexy, but also thin. Masu also wore a blue leather dress before, which also made him look very thin. In addition, the floral dress worn by Ma Su is also very good-looking. This dress not only covers her crotch, but also reveals the lines of her legs. It is also very beautiful to wear.

Some netizens commented :”Some clothes look pretty, but they don’t look as good on yourself, so don’t choose clothes blindly.” Some netizens commented:”When your body is not so perfect, you will You need to learn to match clothes so that they cover your imperfect places.”

Xiaobian feels:everyone should have self-knowledge, whether dealing with things or wearing clothes. Choosing the right one can cover your own shortcomings. Such clothes are the best. Appropriate clothes are the most important, so choose more clothes that suit you. How do you think about this?