I saw such an elegant and advanced outfit for the first time! Summer party wear, let yourself get rid of passers-by

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Although most of the summer dresses are more relaxed, for truly exquisite women, they will definitely not choose to perfunctory things, but through continuous observation and learning to improve their clothing, I don’t know if you are Isn’t that the case?

Sweet tea with you today to talk about 35+ women’s summer wear, maybe you can give you some inspiration. For mature women, the most troublesome thing is the dress style for work and party

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If you want to wear a feel that is different from passers-by and not exaggerated, first start by choosing the right item to create a simple but not vulgar matching effect, let your image easily surpass your peers, come together Let’s see!

look1:ice silk sweater+skirt

The simplest style can often wear the most elegant effect, in fact everyone It is not necessary to be obsessed with big-name products. In choosing clothes, whether to buy expensive or not is an eternal truth. Compared to various T-shirts with different styles, choose Sweaters tend to be more secure.

Don’t think that knitted items will be hotter to wear in summer. In fact, its breathability is better, and the soft and soft touch is also very comfortable. Solid colors such as white and camel are very advanced, and there is more space in the bottoms. You can choose the same color or contrast style A-line skirt, which can not only create a sense of curve, but also control each Occasions

look2:sleeveless shirt

If you are on a business trip or need to go outdoors, you can choose a single item of the shirt type, which will have more advantages in the type, and the loose tailoring style will bring you a refreshing Feeling, can also avoid the embarrassment of clothes sticking to the skin after sweating

Sleeveless shirt with white suit collar and high waistWide-leg pants, the navy blue style is more youthful and beautiful, how to look is very fanciful, and such a single product can be easily controlled by various hairstyles. The white shirt decorated with fungus has a little more literary style, the cardigan details are more mature and attractive, and the light blue denim wide-leg pants are also very tender

Of course summer If you want, we can also choose some sleeveless shirts with richer colors to create an elegant and intellectual atmosphere. For example, turmeric is a suitable color for middle-aged women, and it has no high requirements for skin color. At the same time, it is more literary with a black pleated skirt

If you choose a summer dress without a belt, You can also choose a half-plug style. Coral orange sleeveless shirt with beige trousers is both stylish and not too strong.

look3:omnipotent smoking pants

Of course, in addition to elegance and quietness, if you want to show the strong side of your aura, then you may wish to replace the skirt with Cold trousers, especially non-legged trousers with very versatile, can be used as the first choice

The most important thing for this style of wear is that it needs a better sense of drape, so in addition to In addition to the crisp and clean pipe pants, the choice of tops should also be smooth and atmospheric, so the silk shirt is the perfect match. The white silk shirt + black pipe pants look like a very capable and professional workplace. Beauty

look4:Wear a non-creepy chiffon shirt

Light chiffon shirts can’t be rejected by women of any age, in addition to their own cooling effect, they are also very tolerant of the flesh Degree, the difficulty of matching is basically zero, no wonder it can become a summer fashion darling

Chiffon shirts want to avoid the feeling of wearing a cheap roadside stall, you must avoid complicated design, Let it set off your original beauty. The white chiffon shirt with a small stand-up collar is paired with a light green skirt, a proper urban beauty; the chiffon shirt with a literary style can be matched with the skirt with a dotted wind, which is both fresh and gentle, and can also achieve a certain age reduction effect. It’s hard not to leave a good impression

look5:silk shirt

The long history of the silk single product has not annihilated its beauty. The more minimalistic design, the more it will increase your overall shape Points, if you haven’t worn it, you must try it. It may become your summer dress with the highest rate of appearance.

Drop collar or v-neck style can let you wear a relaxed and comfortable sense of leisure. The skirt with the ink style also drenches your temperament with classic temperament. Although it is a two-color design, it is beautiful and unforgettable

look6:French shirt

“French style” in the past two years can be said to be very popular, probably every woman’s mind There is a romantic and casual fantasy about France! In fact, if you want to wear a French taste, you may choose some items with French charm, such as a round neck pleated shirt, and of course the embellishment of the bubble sleeve. Although this style is simple and lazy, it is also unique and exquisite. , With a knee skirt or straight pants, are very accentuated

look7:chiffon skirt

If the dress is more greasy to wear, try it The skirt that allows you to play freely, especially the chiffon over-the-knee style, is very in line with the charm of mature women. If you choose a style with ruffles, then you should not exceed two layers at most; if you like printed styles, then Small floral will have more temperament and more age-reducing effect than large flowers.

As for the choice of tops, remember not to jump too far with the color of the skirt, it is best to be with A unified color can optimize your body line

I don’t know if you usually like this style of women’s wear? If you have other favorite wearing preferences, you can also leave a message in the comment area, Sweet Tea will try to satisfy everyone’s curiosity!

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