Icardi:Prince Park Stadium is impressive, the first national derby scored two goals very special

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Live broadcast on July 15th. In the 2019-2020 season, they were loaned to Paris Saint-Germain by Inter Milan. Now Icardi officially joined Paris, and the two parties signed until 2024. With Kavani leaving the team when the contract expires, the Argentine star will be the first choice for the center. A few days ago, Icardi talked about the evaluation of Prince Park Stadium in an interview with the media. He also mentioned that in his first French country Derby’s feeling of being alone in two schools is very special.

Icardi said:”When I first walked into the Prince Park stadium to warm up, I was very impressed there. The atmosphere on the scene is particularly strong, which will make you more Positive attitude. This is too important for the players. We need to feel the presence of the fans and want to hear their singing and shouting.”

In the first inaugural France in Icardi In the national derby, Paris Saint-Germain has a 4-0 victory over Marseille. He contributed two goals. Icardi said:”It feels very special to score two goals in the first national derby I participated in. I like this kind of game. The national derby is the most meaningful and important in every league. I played in a national derby in other leagues, I had a similar feeling. I am very eager to score goals in my first national derby, and finally succeeded.”

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