In the early morning of the 3rd, the”Spanish” usher in a battle of life and death! Wu Lei or the bench come on stage

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At 1:30 on July 3, Beijing time, in the 33rd round of La Liga, the Spaniard will face off at Royal Society. Wu Lei, who is concerned by Chinese fans, may come off the bench. If the Spaniards can win this battle, they can narrow the point gap to 7 points from the safety zone. Winning is the only hope of the Spaniards relegation.

Ruffett:The hearts of the people are scattered, the team is not easy to bring

The good news for the Spanish is:the state of the Royal Society is extremely depressed, After the La Liga rematch, they have suffered a 4-game losing streak, which is the perfect opportunity for the Spaniard to get 3 points!

However, at the pre-match press conference, the Spanish interim coach Rufete revealed the extremely bad side of the team. He said that someone on the team is already preparing for a new season, and some players have lost their minds. But Rufete also encourages the team. If the team cannot unite and fight, it will be difficult to advance:”I hope the players can focus on these 90 minutes, like the last game, play like a team, on the offensive end. The kick is more convincing. We have to invest 120%in 90 minutes and then see what happens next.”

According to Spanish media such as Marca and As According to the news, in the last match against Real Madrid, Wu Lei got the chance to start and played 57 minutes, from the performance point of view He is still quite active, and has basically played his normal level. At present, the La Liga schedule is relatively dense, basically a game in 3 days, considering Wu Lei’s physical fitness, he may sit on the bench and come off the bench in the second half. Ruffett will send De Thomas with Calerí’s offensive combination. During these few days of training, Ruffett also focused on training the pair of strikers.

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“Spanish” July 3 match big list (pictured according to the official Weibo of the Spanish Club)

Kick-off at 14:00?”Spanish” is very unhappy

After this battle, the Spaniards will next play against Leganes, Barcelona, ​​Eval. However, on July 2, Beijing time, the Spanish Club posted on its official Twitter, expressing its dissatisfaction with the kick-off time on July 12. According to the arrangement, in the 36th round of La Liga, the Spaniard VSEval kick-off time is set at 14:00, which is in the opposite The start time given by La Liga after the prediction of the stadium temperature at the time of the ball. However, the Spanish Club believes that the forecast is not in line with the actual situation, and the temperature is rising.

Wu Lei’s Spaniard sits among a large number of Chinese fans. In order to take care of Chinese fans watching the game, the team’s game time is often relatively early. After the rematch, the Spanish team’s home games were all scheduled to 14:00. However, with the increase in temperature, the hot weather in the afternoon has become a major problem affecting the performance of athletes. At present, the La Liga does not respond positively to the Spaniard’s dissatisfaction, but considering the actual factors, the start time of the game may change.

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