In the past 14 months, Trump has lied on average 12 times a day in public

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Russian News Agency quoted the”Washington Post” report on the 13th that since taking office in January 2017, US President Trump has issued more than 20,000 untrue statements. Trump has repeatedly accused the”Washington Post” of spreading”fake news.”

Reports that the US President allowed himself to make untrue statements on various domestic and international topics, including comments on his impeachment procedures, the New Crown Virus pandemic, and the African-American George. Freud’s death.

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The Washington Post pointed out that as of July 9th, after entering the White House, In 1267 days, Trump lied 20055 times.

Reports that Trump often distorts the facts, saying that”the current state of the US economy is the best in the history of the country.”

Furthermore, Trump also regularly announced”building a wall on the border with Mexico” and”the largest tax cut in American history”, but this is not the case.

The report also recalled that Trump had issued a total of 10,000 false statements in April 2019. Therefore, in the past 14 months, he has lied on average 12 times a day in public, including rally speeches, interviews and tweets.

It is worth noting that the current US new crown epidemic is serious, but Trump has been downplaying the epidemic. He even accused doctors and professional institutions of lying.

Trump tweeted a message on Monday, saying that doctors and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”lie”.

According to the report on the US Capitol Hill website, Trump shared the tweet of the game show host Chuck Woolley on the 13th. In his tweet, Woolley accused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other sources for lying to the New Coronavirus epidemic.

Woolley said:”The most outrageous lies are about new pneumonia. Everyone is lying. The CDC, the media, the Democratic Party, and our doctors are not everyone, but most tell us I believe they are lying.”

White House press secretary Kelly McNani told reporters on the 13th that Trump still believes in the CDC, and he retweeted Woolley’s tweets only for diseases. Individual rogue in the control center.

In the past few months, the US epidemic has intensified, but Trump has repeatedly ignored the CDC’s guidelines. Despite warnings from the CDC and public health experts, Trump has held many large indoor campaign rallies in the past few weeks.

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When reviewing Trump’s epidemic resistance timeline, it is not difficult to find that he has repeatedly ignored the epidemic alert, and has also said,< strong>Hystery of the virus is a”scam” of the Democratic Party, and Americans have not died of the new crown virus.

About the lies of the new crown epidemic, Trump has also said–

“The weather is hot in April and the virus will disappear.”

“The infection rate in the United States is very low.”

“The new crown is like a cold sneeze, and one day the miracle will disappear.”

The fact is that according to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University of the United States, as of 10:35 on the 14th, Beijing time, the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States reached 33,630,56 cases, and 135,605 deaths. The number of diagnoses and deaths is”the most in the world”.

What’s more serious is that on the 13th local time, the famous American epidemiologist and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fudge said that he has not seen the epidemic end in the United States. Signs.

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