In the South China Sea, things happen frequently, and the youngest British responds most actively.

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The United States, which is deeply mired in epidemics and economic recession, is having trouble in the South China Sea.

On Monday, the United States issued a statement on the South China Sea issue, which not only”violates its public commitments that do not hold a position on the sovereignty of the South China Sea,” but also”willfully distort the relevant facts of the South China Sea and provoke relations between China and regional countries.”

Previously, the US Navy”Reagan” aircraft carrier battle group and the”Nimitz” aircraft carrier group sailed into the South China Sea formation. Two aircraft carriers and four battleships all-weather flight test the strike ability, For the first time since 2014, the United States has dispatched two aircraft carriers to operate in the South China Sea. During the period, the USS Reagan also conducted joint exercises with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

However, the United States’ voice against the South China Sea has not received a response from the ASEAN countries in the region. The ASEAN countries remain cautious about this, and even Vietnam has remained silent so far. In the eyes of analysts, ASEAN countries cannot”risk” to stand aside with the United States.

As a younger brother of the United States, except for Japan, who had previously participated in joint exercises, the United Kingdom has shown positive results. After responding to the call from the United States to block Huawei in a comprehensive manner, the United Kingdom followed the pace of Washington and planned to send an aircraft carrier to the South China Sea.

According to the report of the British Times, the British military has formulated It is planned to dispatch the aircraft carrier”Queen Elizabeth” to the Far East to conduct joint military exercises with the United States and Japan. It is understood that this is the first long-range voyage of the British Navy carrier battle group core with a cost of 3.1 billion pounds (approximately RMB 27308210000).

Information disclosed by the media shows that the British aircraft carrier”Queen Elizabeth” will be accompanied by two Type 45 destroyers, two Type 23 frigates and two supply ships, and the ship will also carry helicopters. Judging from the reported release routes, the”Queen Elizabeth” carrier’s routes in the Asia-Pacific region are mainly in the South China Sea.

As the United States fears that the South China Sea is not chaotic, it continues to make waves in the South China Sea, He also sent the most advanced warships to the South China Sea to show off his arrogance and force. Zhang Zhaozhong, a well-known military expert, said,”China’s maritime situation has suddenly become tense. .”Zhang Zhaozhong:the situation at sea Suddenly nervous

Global Times Editor Hu Xi said bluntly when he talked about the situation in the South China Sea,”Look at how bad the United States is now.” In his view, the United States is in the South China Sea and is the source Yu said,”Our overall epidemic situation is well controlled, so it threw stones into the South China Sea, hoping to splash waves and disrupt peace and development in East Asia.” At the same time, Lao Hu also reminded ASEAN countries not to be fooled by the United States.

In fact, in addition to instigating the countries concerned to use the South China Sea issue to challenge China In addition, US military aircraft are also operating frequently in the South China Sea. According to the Global Times report, the US military E-8C aircraft was exposed and appeared again in the South China Sea. This is the second time the aircraft has reached the coast of Guangdong in China within three days.

In the past 8 days, US military planes have approached China’s coast many times and are getting closer and closer for reconnaissance. What is the intention behind this? Yang Xiyu, a researcher at the China Academy of International Studies, believes that this is”the determination of the United States to touch the red line of our core interests.”

As the Foreign Ministry spokesperson said in response,” China has exercised effective jurisdiction over relevant islands, reefs and related sea areas in the South China Sea for thousands of years. As early as 1948, the Chinese government officially announced the South China Sea intermittent line, which has not been questioned by any country for a long time. China’s territorial sovereignty in the South China Sea He Hai’s rights and interests have sufficient historical and legal basis and are in accordance with relevant international law and international practice.”

In the face of provocation by the United States, the issue of establishing the South China Sea air defense identification area has also received much attention. In this regard, Zhao Lijian emphasized that”China will seriously consider the relevant issues based on the air safety threats it faces in the relevant sea area of ​​the South China Sea and comprehensively consider all factors.”