Indian expert writes about China-India conflict:In fact, we are really afraid of China

By yqqlm yqqlm

The fact is that we are afraid of China.

K. Sundarj, the former chief of staff of the Indian Army, once said that we can clean up in Pakistan. China needs to be vigilant.

India claims to have sovereignty over Aksaichin Ladakh. But Nehru said in the parliament that there was no grass there, which caused condemnation from members of the National Congress. China claims sovereignty over &34;Abang&34;. India recognizes the McMahon line drawn between India and China by Britain, but China does not.

In 1959, there was a brief border conflict between India and China. At that time, only Indian soldiers were killed. From September to October 1959, Soviet leader Khrushchev visited Beijing.

Mao said that India is responsible for the situation in Tibet. Khrushchev responded to why only Indian soldiers were killed in the border conflict. Khrushchev emphasized the need to keep Nehru in power, apparently because he believed that the Indian leaders after Nehru would bring India into the US camp. Mao said he also hopes that Nehru will continue to support the power, but he must be beaten.

When China attacked in October 1962, the Indian army lacked training and equipment. They don’t have enough clothes or even shoes to cope with the severe winter. The American C-130 Hercules transport aircraft dropped weapons, ammunition, and necessary clothing for Indian soldiers on the front lines. But all this is too little and too late. The Chinese left India with a violent blow, leaving India with a lingering shadow in 1962.

India is surrounded by two neighboring countries, China and Pakistan. Even Sri Lanka, a Buddhist, and Nepal, a Hindu, are not our friends. Our situation is similar to Israel, which is threatened on all sides. The IDF is considered to be one of the most motivated troops in the world.

This time our soldiers fought bravely against the Chinese in Ladakh. Nehru also said in parliament that India does not even know where Ladakh is. Has this changed? Every time an unexpected incident occurs in the Donglanglewan Valley, our hysterical TV anchors will suddenly become experts in these fields. It was suggested that it is necessary to save face for China. Well, if China feels that it has done something wrong, it will want to protect its face. Neither in Donglang nor in the Gallevan Valley feels this way.

Compared to 1962, our soldiers received better equipment and training. But a border security force soldier showed off their food-a gruel without appetite. Our paramilitary forces (BSF, CRPF, CISF) use our lives to defend our borders, VVIPs and sensitive areas. While we were sleeping at night, our army, navy, air force and coast guard protected us.

In 1962, we were only briefly awakened. Indira Gandhi did something for the army and then returned to normal after winning in 1971. Our army lacks about 10,000 officers. The best and brightest people in India will not choose to join the army.

We often condemn Pakistan as a military dictatorship. (Even China) But in Pakistan, the best and brightest people choose to join the army, they can rule this country. After retirement, they can still get the best job. This is not to say that India should be ruled by the military, but we must strive to make the military a top three choice for young people. We want to provide better salaries, better facilities, and a better future after retirement.

Everything must be improved.

The chief minister of Telangana State, KCR, has just granted a 50 million rupee pension to Colonel Santosh Babu’s wife. Colonel Santosh Babu recently died in the Gallevan Valley. It would be nice if all our political leaders were as open-minded as KCR. Why is it possible to write huge checks for soldiers and sportsmen from Telangana, while my other political leaders are watching in disbelief? Are the taxes in their state not higher than that in Telangana?

We will mourn the martyrs for a day or two, and then turn over to continue. But if a celebrity commits suicide, we will discuss for months. We didn’t realize that without the protection of our soldiers, where would the celebrities, politicians, rich and poor.

The Bofors shadow prevents the National Congress Party regime from carrying out large-scale arms procurement. Our national defense laboratory is useless, but the glorious fighter has been developed for 20 years, and it has hopes that it can take off.

India must be militarized in preparation for war. Once China launches a large-scale attack on us, Pakistan will join them from the west. There is nuclear deterrence, but there are also nuclear threats, under which a short and painful conventional war can be fought. Pakistan always threatens us, if we enter their territory, we attack with nuclear weapons. However, in the Barakot airstrike, we entered their territory, and Pakistan could only respond with a pile of rubbish bombing Rajahuri.

We must be prepared to fight a double-line war with China and Pakistan. The world will not tolerate our nuclear strikes, at least at the beginning of the war. Even after 60 years, we have not come out of the haze of 1962. In the next sixty years, don’t let another shadow haunt us.