Institutional wind vane:scarce, only 12 low-value high-profile stocks of concern to institutions

By ddzyx

According to the institutional rating of the past two weeks, the organization is most optimistic about the global leading nutrition companyXinhe Cheng, out of 136 high-end stocks favored by institutions, there are only 12 low-value companies. Honglu Steel Structure fell today and the institution bought against the market.

Half-year results of leading global nutrition company doubled

Securities Times·Data treasure statistics show that In the two weeks (June 19th to July 2nd), the institutions gave a total of 621 stocks a buy rating including buy, strong recommendation, recommendation, and overweight. 35 stocks have received institutional buy rating more than 5 times, including Xinhecheng, China Zhongwai, Wuliangye , UFIDA Networks and other stocks have been ranked top in buy ratings.

Recently, the stock prices of companies with buy-in ratings assigned by institutions have frequently set new record highs. The stock price shows a strong and constant trend, of which 136 stocks The stock price has reached an all-time high in the past two weeks, mostly in the medical, biological and food and beverage industries.

The company with the most ratings is the leading global nutrition companyXinhecheng, the company disclosed the performance forecast for the first half of 2020, the net profit attributable to the mother is about 2.196-23.11 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 90%-100%, the major increase in performance is mainly the company’s vitamins The sales volume and price of A/E/H and other varieties increased significantly. Four organizations have given the company’s target price, which is still 20%higher than the latest price increase. Xinhecheng today’s intraday stock price once reached a record high.

China CDF and UFIDA Network won the institutional buy rating at least 10 times, but, The latest rolling P/E ratios of these two companies are 148 times and 178 times, respectively, and the cumulative increase during the year reached 87%and 117%respectively.

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Institutions are optimistic about 12 low valuation high stocks


Among the 136 high-level stocks concerned by the above-mentioned organizations, Databao statistics show that Gemdale, Jinke Shares, Sinoma Technology, Midea Group, Hanlan Environment, Longji Shares, Bielefin, Xinhecheng, Honglu Steel Structure, Shuanghui Development, Muyuan Co., Ltd., and the outstanding new energy 12 shares have a rolling P/E ratio of less than 30 times. Among them, Honglu Steel Structure had the largest increase during the year, with a cumulative total of 152%. Perhaps the company’s stock price rose too high, and today the stock price bucked the trend. After-hours data from the Dragon and Tiger List show that three institutions bought 92.89 million yuan, three institutions sold 46.11 million yuan, and a net purchase of 104.193 million yuan.

Gemdale and Biyinlefin performed the worst this year, with a cumulative increase of less than 15%this year. After yesterday’s daily limit, Gemdale Group, Today it is up nearly 8%.

Xinhecheng, Longji shares, Shuanghui Development, Sinoma Technology and Jinke shares The number of buy-in ratings has exceeded 5 times in the past 2 weeks. Longji shares is a leading company of photovoltaic monocrystalline silicon wafers, and its net profit attributable to its mother increased by 195%year-on-year in the first quarter , The company’s share price has nearly doubled since the March low. Shuanghui Development The company is a leader in the meat industry. Sinoma Technology has three leading industries, namely wind power blades, lithium battery lithium film and glass fiber, the company’s latest rolling price-earnings ratio is 18.8 times. Jinke shares stock price limit for 2 consecutive days, according to Huachuang Securities introduced that the company is currently in the performance release period. The company is promoting the spin-off of its property company Jinke Smart Service to list in Hong Kong stocks. The listing of Jinke Smart Service is also expected to increase the company’s market value.

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10-stock institutions predict more than 30%upside potential

Data treasure statistics show that in the past two weeks, institutions have given a target price of not less than 2 stocks, comparing the announced target price with the latest closing price , New Coordinates, Yiduo Li, Zhengbang Technology and Baby Friendly and other 10-share institutions predict an average upside of more than 30%. Among them, companies with a rolling price-earnings ratio of less than 30 times include New Coordination, Zhengbang Technology, Vanke A, Ningbo Gaofa, Jinneng Technology and Green Power.

The largest room for average rise is new coordinates, the company is a leader in domestic precision cold forging parts, both Huachuang Securities and CITIC Securities An in-depth research report is issued and the target price is given, and there is still 50%room for the average price to depart from the latest closing price. Hua Chuang Securities believes that the company will enter the global accelerated substitution stage in 2019. It is expected to accelerate its growth after being affected by the epidemic in the first half of this year. Considering the order rhythm, it will increase its revenue forecast and net profit for the next three years.

The leading domestic company in the field of bio-fermentation Yi Duoli recently released the first half performance forecast, it is expected that the company will achieve a net profit of about 70 million yuan, The year-on-year growth is about 80%. The company’s three major businesses are steroid hormone raw materials, biological enzyme preparations and functional feed additives. Pacific Securities believes that the company’s business growth has exceeded expectations. Since July 1, domestic feed antibiotics have been completely banned, and the company has functional feeds with anti-antibiotic effects. The demand for additives is expected to explode, and the market is expected to have an incremental space of 4.6-9.2 billion yuan, which is more than 50%higher than the existing capacity.

Zhengbang TechnologyThe company recently issued a plan for additional issuance, with a raised capital of no more than 8 billion yuan, an issue price of 13.16 yuan/share, the company actually controls The total subscription amount of people through multiple channels is 7.5 billion yuan. Tianfeng Securities believes that the pig price and the company’s slaughter volume have both increased. The company is ushering in an accelerated release of performance and expects the net profit growth rate of the mother to be 625%.