Intel foretold that there will be a”big event” on September 2 that may launch the 11th generation processor

By yqqlm yqqlm

Intel revealed today that there will be a”big move” in the September 2 event, and it is likely that the 11th generation CPU will be released. The company sent an invitation to the press conference today, announcing an online virtual event to show”how Intel pushes us to work and stay connected”. This event is likely to launch Intel’s 11th generation Tiger Lake processor.

The chip manufacturer previewed these new 10-nanometer Tiger Lake CPUs for the first time at CES earlier this year. Tiger Lake is expected to be launched under Intel’s 11th generation brand. The initial product is limited to notebook computers and includes the new Xe architecture graphics architecture.

11th generation Core chip will be the next time Intel’s 10nm+ architecture will be shipped on Ice Lake processors Iterate, they will confront AMD’s Ryzen 4000 chip based on 7nm process. This year AMD has entered the notebook field on many fronts, especially thin and light gaming notebooks. AMD has proved that it can compete in performance and price, and Intel’s 11th generation chip seems to respond.

Last month’s Taipei Computer Show was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but notebook manufacturers such as Acer have already Notebooks that promise to carry Intel’s 11th generation Tiger Lake chips will be shipped this fall. See now how Intel details the most important date, performance and price.