International Watch|87-year-old Justice Ginsberg is admitted to hospital again. Why is she so important to the United States?

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Tuesday, 87-year-old US Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has been taken to the hospital, possibly due to postoperative infection And need treatment.

The liberal justice is best known for her position on civil rights issues, including the landmark case of opening the Victorian Military Academy to women. In recent years, as the Republican Party controlled the White House and the Senate, and the Supreme Court gradually became conservative, her dissent was particularly critical for Democrats.

I have been admitted to the hospital many times before, and cancer and fractures have not destroyed her

Catherine Aberger, spokeswoman for the Supreme Court spokesperson, said,” Judge Ginsberg was admitted to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, to treat possible infections.”

Catherine Aberg said,”She initially experienced fever and fever After the cold, she was evaluated at Westbury Memorial Hospital in Washington DC. On Tuesday afternoon, she underwent endoscopic surgery at Johns Hopkins University to clean up the bile duct stents placed in August last year. The judge is resting and will Stayed in the hospital for a few days to receive intravenous antibiotic treatment.”

It is reported that this is the latest situation of Ginsberg’s long-term medical problems during her tenure in the Supreme Court, although she tried not to let her health problems interrupt her work.

In May of this year, the judges conducted a verbal debate over the phone due to the New Crown Virus pandemic. Ginsberg participated in the debate from the ward when she was just recovering from a benign gallbladder disease.

The 87-year-old Ginsberg missed the oral debate for the first time in January 2019, when she had just removed two cancerous nodules from her left lung and was in surgical recovery. At that time, she participated in the case by reading court records. In November 2018, the liberal justice received treatment for three rib fractures after falling in the office. In August 2019, she received treatment for pancreatic cancer.

As the recent cases handled by the Supreme Court have become more and more of a historical significance, her health has received increasing attention. Since taking office, Trump has appointed two justices, Neil Gorsuk in 2017, and Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, deepening the tilt of the Supreme Court to conservatives.

For Ginsberg’s condition, Trump said,”I wish her all the best. She actually gave me some good decisions.”

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Once unable to enter the legal profession because of gender, long-term attention to women’s rights

In the 1960s, after graduating from Harvard, the 26-year-old Ginsberg entered the legal profession because of gender reasons. Continue the academic journey.

In the next 10 years, she has served as district court assistant, professor of law at New Jersey State University, professor of law at Rutgers University, professor at Columbia University School of Law, and researcher at Stanford University. She founded the first women’s rights law magazine in the United States, the”Legal Report on Women’s Rights,” and compiled a large number of cases of gender discrimination.

When he was a law professor at Rutgers University, Ginsberg led female colleagues to initiate a lawsuit against discrimination in school pay. When teaching at Columbia University, as the first woman to get a tenured professorship at Columbia University, Ginsberg still sued the school with all her female colleagues because of maternity leave benefits and unfair salary.

In the early 1970s, Ginsberg became the General Counsel of the American Civil Liberties Union. As the chief litigator of the Women’s Rights Program, she took on many landmark cases. Between 1973 and 1976, Ginsberg played six cases in the Supreme Court, five of which won.

In the”Weinberg Lawsuit” of 1975, Ginsberg proposed that the provisions of the Social Security Act be unconstitutional because the provisions stipulate that only widowed mothers are benefited, not widowers. Father’s welfare. Her evidence was approved by the judges.

Ginsberg’s advocacy and work contributed to the end of gender discrimination in many areas of the law, and thus gained a high reputation.

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The lifetime tenure of the justices,”Free America” ​​panic?

The 87-year-old Ginsberg is currently the oldest of the nine justices, the second female judge in American history, and also a liberal among the justices leader. Since serving as the Supreme Court Justice, Ginsberg has been committed to promoting the equality of women and ethnic minorities, and firmly advocates that women have the right to abortion.

In his career as a justice, this old man with less than 90 pounds has kept a low profile, he is cautious and prudent, stays simple, and keeps distance from the public. In recent years, she has suddenly become uncharacteristic, and has published several sharp speeches.

In a 2007 abortion case, Ginsberg publicly announced his dissent. Ginsberg spoke fiercely against the conservative justices and believed that the right to abortion belongs to women. Only one month later, Ginsberg read out the objections again. This is a case of equal pay for equal work for men and women. What made Ginsberg angry was that most justices chose to support the employer’s position.

The outside world believes that as the American society has gradually turned to the right in recent years, the value system that Ginsberg has struggled for a lifetime is facing backwards. At a critical juncture, she had to come forward, take a leap, and begin to publish some sounds that were very different from her previous mild academic style.

During the 2016 US election, as a judge, Ginsberg, who should have avoided involvement in partisan disputes, did not shy away from claiming that Trump is”a liar, very conceited, and hard to imagine Trang.” After the president became the president of the United States.” Trump accused Ginsberg of improper remarks in a telephone interview and shamed the Supreme Court.

In the United States, Ginsberg’s physical condition is widely concerned by people from all walks of life. One of the important reasons is that under the continuous appointment of Trump, there are only 4 liberal justices among the 9 existing justices in the United States. If Ginsberg retires because of his physical condition, Trump will have the opportunity to appoint a conservative justice to replace her. This will make the US Supreme Court, which has the upper hand of conservatives, even more to the right.

It is reported that the term of office of the Supreme Court Justice of the United States is a lifetime system. Unless the judge himself resigns or derelictions of duty, he will serve for life. The BBC has pointed out that as long as Ginsburg has a physical problem, the”Free America” ​​will fall into panic.

(Some information according to China News Network, Ginsberg Autobiography, etc.)

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