Interview with Douyin Beauty Net Red:Like Neymar, tinted glasses can’t avoid

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Xu Jiaqi is a well-known Douyin celebrity. Her Douyin account”Neymar” has tens of thousands Fans have received more than 200,000 likes. Jiao’s good figure, appearance, and love for football, she is definitely a”football goddess” in the trendy words of the moment.

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But in Xu Jiaqi’s view, “Neymar” is just her A character in the virtual world. She is more willing to describe her title in real life as a friend who can talk football and dress with everyone.

The tennis racket became a brother for making money and playing football like me

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Xu Jiaqi’s racket picture

On Xu Jiaqi’s vibrato and Weibo, except There are also many pictures of football and tennis.”On the one hand is to make money.” Xu Jiaqi did not shy away from this.”I usually pick up some webcams, and the merchant will send me some clothes and bags. On the weekend, I am responsible for taking pictures as a model, and the merchant will pay me this way.”

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Xu Jiaqi’s photo shoot

“But more important is because of me I like it. Douyin is like a circle of friends for me. I hope that everyone will pay attention to me, make friends with me, talk about football and wear anything.”

Will wear, have value, play football. According to the current popular saying, Xu Jiaqi can be salted and sweet. But when talking about the opposite sex, Xu Jiaqi still showed a little helplessness.”In China, compared with basketball, there are relatively few girls who like football. I have that kind of carefree character, and my teammates all treat me like a brother.” She should have played well and was supposed to play football. It’s a”character” in the school. But for Xu Jiaqi, a character that is too carefree is a benefit and a”bad thing” in her mouth.

“In the beginning, junior high school was playing with friends, and then entered the fourth echelon of a club. The echelon is full of boys, and I am a girl. , I played with them every day. After I entered high school, I entered the school team, so I went to the rain and rain, and basically went to class every afternoon, and the boys and I would rush to the football field. Because I passed the echelon In training, the style of playing football is relatively fierce, and I am not afraid of confrontation. Later, my left ankle and right leg knee were also injured. Therefore, all the boys who played with me eventually became brothers with me.” Xu Jiaqi Laughed.

When he was a sophomore, Xu Jiaqi became the president of the school football association. Here, she met more brothers who love to play football.”At first, in the face of an unfamiliar environment, I was actually excited but a little timid. Later I played more games together, and everyone became familiar with it. Other female college students go shopping and eating + falling in love everyday. My daily life is They mix together. We play football together on the playground after class, and play FIFA in the Internet cafe at night.”

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“Later, because there were too many things in the Football Association, I was once doubtful about my ability. But to comfort me, the players gathered in my bedroom downstairs to find me Talking heart; sometimes physical training can not keep up with the rhythm of other players. In order to help me, everyone accompanies me to run the circle; 20th birthday, school freshman final cup, all players accompany me to celebrate on the court…”These little things also made Xu Jiaqi, the female man in this team, feel a different kind of warmth.

When it comes to this, Xu Jiaqi smiled:”I have brothers, love is P.”

I just love football What do people think of me and me

Before the conversation, I have read too many gossip about net red. So much so that I am very interested in the so-called celebrity-sensitive topics.

So after the interview outline was listed, the first thought I came up with was:Will she shovel me?

However, it does not.

Thinking is sometimes difficult to break. For net reds like Xu Jiaqi, tinted glasses are inevitable. Just like the controversy caused by Lu Han playing football, turning on Xu Jiaqi’s vibrato comment, many people think that she has only face value and figure, and only rubs the heat of football. But for Xu Jiaqi, these ridicules are nothing but a piercing blow to her, which dissipated in an instant and could not even bring a trace of waves.

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“I look at it like this. I know the total Someone talked about me behind the back, saying that I don’t really like football, and I definitely don’t play football or something. But I really don’t care. My love is the most important thing. I want to play football, I just send football, I want to wear it. I will wear it if I take it. As long as I am willing to do it myself.”

“(how to think of me) that is their business and what to do with me What about it?”

“I enjoy the joy that football brings to me. I always feel that if I like football, I like to play football must be purely like. I like football not for I have a common topic with the opposite sex, not to attract who, but what I really want.”

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Xu Jiaqi:Happiness is the most important thing. I only like to laugh

I think that the remaining sensitive questions don’t need to be asked. Compared to Internet celebrities, all she wants is a platform to show her true self. She is still just a girl who is carefree and loves football.

Like NeymarBecauseRock-like tenacity while playing football with acupuncture and moxibustion >

Xu Jiaqi’s football”first love” happened on the second day of junior year.

That was the first time that Xu Jiaqi learned about football through his own table. I saw the Kaka with a golden light all over.”I didn’t understand it at that time, it was just looking at the face value. Kaka was like a prince charming with its own light in the TV series.” In the following years, Xu Jiaqi slowly started playing football from watching the ball.

“The real entry was in the 2014 World Cup.” Xu Jiaqi said.”That was the first time I watched Neymar playing football. He didn’t seem to be playing football, but he was dancing Samba. His movements were too ornamental, and the wonderful flowers under his feet attracted me completely, of course. The practicality is also very high, he almost took Brazil to the semi-finals by himself.”

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Since that World Cup, Xu Jiaqi has slowly fallen in love with Neymar and tried to understand him.”Later at school, Neymar became my nickname. People who are unfamiliar call me Neymar and people who are familiar call me horses. Anyway, the word horse is completely inseparable.”

Love the house and Ukraine, Barcelona became Xu Jiaqi’s youth in those years.”From the season of the 14th World Cup, I buy a Barcelona No. 10 jersey every year. Including my own jersey on the team is also No. 10. Later he left Barcelona in 17 years, I am very mixed, as if Saying goodbye to your youth.”

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“Neymar Belt It’s not just his shocking skills. It’s his rock-solid tenacity.”

14 years of World Cup Brazil’s Neymar hides on the stretcher The crying face became one of the saddest scenes of that World Cup.

“The third vertebral rupture injury, Brazil’s 1-7 disastrous defeat. At that time Neymar was criticized by fans from the media, and even Someone threatened to kill him. During that time, watching the overwhelming news on the Internet was quite unpleasant.”

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“Some people say he is not strong, some people say he loves acting, some people say he is overrated. But at that time he was only 22 years old. At that time he was just the most shining star in Brazil. At that time, he was burdened with many local championships. He just shed tears… Then he helped Barcelona win the Triple Crown in the new season, and he became the top scorer in the Champions League and the Spanish Kings Cup.”Xu Jiaqi said lightly.

“17 years of Champions League. Barcelona Champions League 1/In the first round of the 8 finals, they lost to Paris 0-4, and Barcelona returned home to win 6-1, advancing thrillingly. Neymar started from the 88th minute, first using a free kick, a penalty kick, and then sold in the 95th minute. Ji-Roberto sent an assist to help Barcelona complete the epic reversal. He did push me with actions on the court Growth.”

In Xu Jiaqi’s view, she and Neymar’s growth are in line with each other.

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“In the second semester of the second year of high school, I played with my left foot Ankles and right knees were injured one after another. In order to continue playing with the team, I played with acupuncture and moxibustion. Later, repeated injuries caused me to bid farewell to the team in the third grade.” Xu Jiaqi said.

But like Neymar, the rock’s will is tough. Going to university, Xu Jiaqi, who was just injured, once again participated in the recruitment of the school football association and started his own new football road.

“Like Neymar for so many years, I seem to have regarded him as myself. I now go to the court every day, even if it is alone, even late, I can play. Coupled with staying up late to watch the game, my roommate is even afraid that I will die suddenly one day.”

“But, this is my heart after all Where they want to go.”

People who like football are too few to come back with Sichuan heavy head

As an authentic Sichuan girl, Xu Jiaqi, who loves football, naturally has different emotions for his hometown team. Looking at her circle of friends, most of them are photos of Sichuan FC jerseys. For her, the hometown team not only moved her, but also made her feel a little sad about the situation of Chinese football.

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“Remember last year’s China League, in Phoenix, Dujiangyan Stadium. Sichuan FC defeated the Hebei elite with a total score of 3-2 and relegated successfully. At that time, all fans on the scene were crying. In fact, before going to the stadium, my roommate was super worried that I would cry and go back. It turned out that Sichuan scored the first goal After that, my tears could no longer be stretched.”

But Xu Jiaqi, who returned to school after the game, changed his emotional state from emotional to emotional. lonely.

“Back to school after that day, there was a League of Legends game on the same day, LPL’s FPX beat G2 3-0, the whole school was shouting FPX NB! Just thinking today, the school knows that there are really too few people in Sichuan who have succeeded in relegation, and it is still a little sad. Now, the Sichuan FC is disbanded, and the players who have not left form Sichuan Hengyao. Our fans and players start all over again!” Xu Jiaqi laughed Said with a smile.

Written at the end

Talk to Xu Jiaqi about time chat completely It’s a pin in the slit. Not only does she have to take classes, she also has to lead a team to train and publish pictures in her free time. According to Xu Jiaqi’s own words:”Football is only a part of life, but it is also the most indispensable part.”

She was a freshman in her sophomore year. The love of football continues.

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