Iran Civil Aviation Organization Releases Facts of UAE Crash Investigation Report

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Local time On the 11th, the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran released an investigation report on the crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752. The report showed that the passenger plane was local At 6:10 am on January 8th, the permission of the control tower of Imam Khomeini International Airport in Iran was obtained. It moved to the take-off channel and then flew along the predetermined route and altitude.

At this time, the Iranian air defense system was rearranged and the position was changed. However, the operator did not reposition the radar system, resulting in a 107-degree error. At 6:13 that day, the operator found a target at 250 degrees north, and at this time, after take-off, UAE Flight 752 was flying towards the system at 143 degrees. The operator frequently reported to the coordination and command center that the target approached the system from the southwest, but the target was actually Wuhang Airlines Flight 752 which was flying on the scheduled route. Since the operator did not get a reply, he then analyzed the target as a threat and launched the first missile at 6:14. Since the air defense missile system has been activated at this time, the target is kept tracked, and the radar system also locks it. The operator launches the second missile within 30 seconds, at 6:15.

On January 8 this year, a Boeing 737—800 passenger aircraft from Ukrainian International Airlines, from Tehran, the capital of Iran Heading to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, shortly after takeoff, the Iranian military shot down”unintentionally”, killing all 176 people on board. Subsequently, the Iranian military issued a statement saying that the passenger plane was close to a sensitive location of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard after take-off. Before the accident, Iran just launched a missile at the US military base in Iraq. All Iranian air defense systems were in high alert. Then the aircraft Was hit because of”human error”. The aircraft black box will be decoded in France on July 20th.

Source:CCTV News Client