Is Iran eyeed again? Many bizarre incidents happened one after another.

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According to the British media report on July 5, Iranian has recently experienced 6 bizarre explosions and fire accidents. Although these incidents seem to be unrelated on the surface, there are many People think that things are not so simple. It seems that there is a black hand behind the scenes, manipulating all this, “Iran has suffered some sort of attack.”

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Several bizarre accidents have occurred in Iran, and public speculation continues

According to the British”Guardian” news, because public speculation”Iran is suffering a devastation planned and supported by foreign governments”, July On the 5th, Israeli Foreign Minister and Defense Minister publicly responded to these series of incidents, saying that not everything that happened in Iran is related to Israel. However, many people do not believe this kind of rhetoric.

Foreign media analyzed this series of events. Since late June local time, Iran has not been”peaceful.” On June 26, a military base near Tehran exploded, a few hours later, six major cities in Iran A small town in Shiraz fell into darkness. Although after the incident, the Iranian Ministry of Defense claimed that the explosion was caused by a”gas storage” leak. But within a few days, the media broke the news that the explosion was caused by an Israeli stealth fighter attacking the military base. The Israeli authorities declined to comment.

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U.S. media puts”evidence” that the Iranian accident has nothing to do with the United States

After a military base, on June 30, 4 days later, A medical facility in northern Tehran also exploded The scene was so full of flames and horrible scenes. The explosion caused 13 people to die on the spot, 6 people were seriously injured and died later. Afterwards, the authorities responded that the explosion was due to a gas leak. Two days later, on July 2, a fire broke out at the nuclear facility in Natanz, Iran, which is the largest uranium enrichment site in Iran and one of several Iranian nuclear facilities under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency. One. Iran’s enriched uranium, most of it also comes from here, that is, if the plant is destroyed, Iran’s uranium is enriched Ability will be greatly reduced. After this incident, many people suspected that it was a secret act of the United States, but the United States”New York Times” jumped out and listed a series of evidence, saying that this is Iran’s”internal conflict” and has nothing to do with the United States. On July 3, a fire broke out in the small town of Shiraz not long ago, and the next day, a fire broke out in a power plant in southwestern Iran.

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Israel moves frequently, and the contradictions between the United States and Iran deepen. The United States and Israel are accused of being”behind the scenes”

The successive accidents in Iran have been too inconsistent, and many people believe that behind the scenes The black hand is inseparable from the United States and Israel. After all, as the arms embargo restricting Iran is about to expire, Israel moves frequently and wants to use the hands of Western allies to cut off the possibility of Iran possessing nuclear weapons.

And The United States and Iraq have been incompatible for a long time. At present, both sides have almost completely torn their faces. According to a previous poll, in the United States, 51%of the respondents believe that the United States and Iran will break out in the next few years, and more than 80%of the respondents believe that a military response should be carried out against Iran. As early as 2020, Iran’s”number two person” Sulaymani was attacked and killed, and the United States and Iran almost fell into the abyss of war. And hate each other even more. Therefore, it is not impossible for the United States and Israel to secretly move some hands and feet in Iran, and I do not know what Iran will do to fight back.