Is there a huge creature moving on the surface of the sun? Scientist:Like a water bear, but it can be explained

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A joke about landing on the sun said that a head of state that likes to compare said that when people land on the moon, we want to land on the sun. The reporter asked suspiciously:The temperature of the sun is very high, will it burn to death after landing? The leader replied:Let’s go at night.

Although this joke is very old-fashioned, recently, when the solar orbiter in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA (NASA) leaped over the sun, it actually photographed a creature-like object. Crawling slowly on the surface of the sun, it seems that there are really some animals that have gotten ahead first, and”landed” the sun before humans.

The solar orbiter was launched in February this year to detect the sun at close range, and will fly over the two poles of the sun, imaging the sun poles for the first time in human history. This probe is the”Parker” solar probe that was launched in 2018. Humans once again sent messengers to visit the sun.

Yesterday ESA and NASA released the latest images taken by the solar orbiter. Some astute astronomers found that in a series of images, a black patch appeared on the left and appeared in different The position is like moving. Some people even pointed out that this”moving” guy is very much like a water bear insect-the animal on the earth that can best adapt to the harsh and extremely harsh environment, including high temperature and high pressure, dehydration and resurrection, known as the only possible life after the end of the disaster of the earth. Creature down. Has the water bear worm already looted in front of humans and sneaked into the sun?

In terms of the scale of the sun, this black patch is undoubtedly extremely huge, and may even be larger than the earth; and the water bear is only a tiny life, most of which are less than 1 mm in length, the largest It is only 1.4 mm. So the black spots on the surface of the sun can never be water bear insects, so what is this thing?

The chief researcher of the solar orbiter and the head of the scientific service solar impact data analysis center, David Bergmans of the Royal Observatory of Belgium said that this is indeed like a water bear insect, but it can be explained. It is actually a flaw on the camera sensor. Because the image is”a little wobbly”, after the scientists correct it, the defect patches fixed on the image instead appear to be moving, and will be optimized by interpolation later,”Login”The sun’s”water bear worm” will no longer appear.

Another scientist, Jack Jenkins, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Leuven, Belgium, believes that the water bear insect can be considered as the mascot of the solar orbiter.

It seems that the”landing” of the sun has not been able to put it on the agenda. It is hard to be excited, but it is just a problem with the sensor. I hope that these detectors can bring us more knowledge and let humanity Civilization is moving towards greater progress.