It’s not easy for Chinese parents

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Unreservedly giving to the children is actually undesirable to a certain extent.

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I found an interesting phenomenon:many people would persuade their children to be filial parents, but very few people would persuade them to be Parents love their children.

Why is this happening? That is because it has become natural for parents to love their children, and it has become a choice for children to love their parents.

In this life, the identity of a person will change with age. The first is to be children, that is the youth and youth, the youth, the purest. Only during that time, it seemed that he was actually living for himself.

When I grow up, I have a family, and my identity has increased:being a parent. At this time, there is no longer its own independent space and world. In order to give their children better living conditions, parents work hard and work hard. They worked tirelessly to make arrangements and plans for their children. Such a move is very moving, but is it appropriate? Although Yu Qing is very warm and friendly, Yu Li is somewhat inappropriate.

First of all, for parents, many parents, especially rural parents, have toiled for their children throughout their lives, especially boys. After the child was born, he was broken for the food, clothing, shelter and transportation of the child. The child went to school and was exhausted for his studies; finally, when the child reached the age of marrying a daughter-in-law, he did everything he could to build a house or buy a car for the child to prepare for the arrival of the daughter-in-law.

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It’s okay for the daughter-in-law to be virtuous and filial. If a daughter-in-law who is not good at work comes, the two elderly people will have good fruits have eaten. If the son doesn’t know what is good or bad, and is bent on his wife, it will be even worse.

Furthermore, parents have to worry about their children all their lives. Without their own feelings, this life is more a burden of responsibility and obligation, without the meaning and happiness that belongs to them.

Then, as far as children are concerned, parents who have worked their entire lives and rushed for their children, so children naturally suffer a lot less.

Children’s years are quiet and good because parents are moving forward with weight. Then, because of this, many children tend to have poor psychological and physical fitness.

The spirit of striving and enduring hardship will never go out of style, but because of the proper arrangements, children are accustomed to living a comfortable life. Even if you go out to work, your concentration is not in the majority. Gradually, there will be a feeling that one generation is inferior to one generation.

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There is an old saying:”Teaching people to fish is worse than teaching them to fish.” You can treat others in this state, let alone treat your own children? It is not a long-term solution to provide them with good conditions all their lives.

Everyone has his own life, and parents cannot accompany their children’s life. It would be better to live for yourself in a cool and frank manner. Children also have their own experiences. With a little guidance and no interference, the children will have more life awareness. Why not do it?

In fact, whenever I think of most parents who have toiled for their children throughout their lives, suffered hardships, suffered setbacks, or were exhausted, I said to myself:”As long as the children are well, everything is worth it.” Also very sorry. Many parents have only children in the world, thus losing themselves.

Since I have come to this world, it’s better to live out your own splendor and live out your own meaning. It is the most worthwhile for the next generation to have a sense and inheritance with my own excitement and meaning.

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