It’s too late without protection! Survey says koalas in ANZ may be extinct in 2050

By ddzyx

China News, July 2nd, according to Reuters, a year-long investigation by the Australian Parliament pointed out that if the government does not take immediate action to protect Koala and its habitat, Koala in New South Wales may become extinct in 2050.

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FIG Profile:a The injured koala is being treated.

The survey was commissioned by a multi-party congressional committee and published a 311-page final report on June 30, stating that land reclamation due to agriculture, urban development, mining and forestry is in the past dozens of years. The largest cause of destruction and loss of koala habitat in New South Wales in 2014.

The wildfire season that ended early this year also hit Koalas, destroying up to a quarter of their habitat in the state, and even up to 81%in some areas.

The report made 42 recommendations, including emergency censuses, giving priority to protecting animals in urban development planning, and increasing protection funds.

The WWF Australia branch manager responsible for land clearing and restoration, Stuart Bran, called on the Australian government to listen carefully to these recommendations and strengthen the protection of animal habitats.

A spokesman for the governor of New South Wales said the government will consider the report and respond”at the appropriate time”, adding that they have invested $44 million in development Animal protection plan.