Ivanka is rarely seen in a”rollover” moment! Wear an improved Tang suit to show a good figure, but how to expose the waist of the bucket

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As the eldest daughter of President Trump, Ivanka often appears on various important occasions. Every time she appears, it is the focus of attention, not only because of her beautiful facial features, but also because her shapes are carefully dressed, which makes people feel very amazing.

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Because I have been a model for a while, Ivanka’s body management Online. The height of 180 cm, the proportion of the figure is good, the long legs are very eye-catching, and every appearance is full of aura.

< p> A good figure requires good clothing, Ivanka usually likes all kinds of dresses. Wear a slim white dress, highlighting a good figure. The dress uses a half-shoulder style, which is both sexy and temperament.

< p> Probably every girl has a girl in her heart. Ivanka chose a pink floral dress. The design of the ruffled cuffs adds sweetness. The V-neck version has the effect of modifying the face. The height of 180cm was enough to have aura. Ivanka also chose a pair of burgundy high-heeled shoes, and the whole person became uncomfortable.

Chiffon The material is also the preferred element of the dress. Compared to the past light color style, Ivanka chose a dark blue chiffon dress this time. The simple and casual design increases the gentle temperament, and it swings at will, which is very pleasing.

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The most dazzling thing to say is This golden yellow suspender dress, the original simple suspender style, because the skirt adds a ruffle design, so it looks three-dimensional and playful. Silk-like material is beautiful and dazzling under the light of the light source, and the waist is tailored and neat, which perfectly achieves the effect of slimming the waist.

< p>Don’t look at Ivanka’s good looks and everything looks good. In fact, she also has &34; rollover&34;. Like this Chinese style Tang suit, the off-white system exposes Ivanka’s shortcomings that his face is not very fair, and it seems that the whole person is not very handsome.

< p>Ivanka’s height determines her big skeleton, so it will look very strong when worn incorrectly. This improved version of the Tang suit has a ruffle design on the hem. Not only does it not modify the figure, but it turns the small waist that Ivanka is proud of into a bucket waist, and the waist-to-hip ratio also becomes Be wide.

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I can see Ivanka still Want to wear the improved version of the Tang suit to show your own personality, so the skirt added straps and split design, but it made the whole The styling looks more complicated, and the aura is no longer on the way.

In addition to dresses, Ivanka also loves freshness in private Gentle shirt. The simple white shirt with light makeup is very pleasing. Ivanka also chose a beige-pink pleated skirt as decoration, with small white shoes, young and young.

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Occasionally try boldly&34; Reversing the shirt & 34; style is like this white shirt, the front solid color is more temperament. Behind is a playful bow and button design, giving a full girly feeling.

Wear Ivanka in a white shirt, the lower body is paired with a bright blue floral skirt, the refreshing color scheme makes the overall look more refined, blooming the charm of mature women.

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Ivanka walks as a model She walked handsomely, but a gust of wind made her overall shape unfashionable. Although the shirt was beautiful, it was blown into a ball by the wind. I wanted to show a good figure with the shirt, but the result was a little embarrassed by the wind.

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Ivanka, who often attracts attention by wearing fashion, unexpectedly There will be times when the shape &34; rollover &34;. Fortunately, Ivanka’s usual shape is amazing, no wonder it can be used as a &34; facade&34;~

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