James did not bring personal chefs and other personnel to the division and ate the same food as his teammates

By yqqlm yqqlm

Thu Pu July 15th TNT reporter Chris Haynes reported a news about Lakers forward LeBron James in the Orlando rematch campus today.

Haynes said that James did not bring a private chef, private bodyguard and other off-site assistants to Orlando.

“LeBron is changing his style, it’s different,” Haynes said.”I was informed by sources that he did not bring his personal chef, private masseur here, nor did he bring his A large security team. He wants to ensure that he and his teammates experience all the harsh conditions in this zone. He wants to integrate into the collective and experience everything they have experienced. I sometimes see LeBron James, Anthony Davis, The three Quinn Cook walked alone in the park to strengthen contact, but LeBron James was clearly trying to convey a message:We are going through this test together. He is doing the same thing as his teammates, eating exactly the same Food.”