Japanese house:70%husband is happy, and 40%wife complains

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On July 5, in Tokyo, Japan, people wear masks to buy fruits and vegetables. (Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Du Xiaoyi)

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 26 (Reporter Yang Shuyi) During the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of people in Japan lived in their homes. Their husbands stopped going to work instead of working remotely. No need to go to school or stay at home to take online classes. However, this new model brings very different feelings to the husband and wife:about 70%of the husbands said they were very happy, and 40%of the wives complained about being”stressed.”

Japan’s Kyodo News Agency quoted the latest poll report on the 25th. About 70%of Japanese husbands”feel good” about having more time with their wives and children; but 40%of wives complained that they would spend the whole day. Staying with husbands and children makes them feel pressured.

In Japanese families, husbands usually go to work during the day, children also go to kindergarten or school, wives or full-time housewives, or women in the workplace, it is rare for a family to”stick together” throughout the day situation. However, as the new crown epidemic continues, Japan has implemented a”home order” and the government has repeatedly urged people to stay at home.

Japan’s Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company conducted this poll from June 12th to 15th, and collected the answers of 550 married men and 550 married women through an online questionnaire. None of the children of these subjects were over 6 years old.

Among the 70%of husbands who “feel good” about their home, 20.9%said they took more initiative when looking after their children, and 18.5%thought the parent-child relationship had improved.

However, a quarter of housewives said they do not want their husbands to continue working remotely from home, and hope the company will call them back to the office as soon as possible. Among this group of housewives, 36.4%believed that their husbands would destroy the harmony of the family all day long at home, and might have a negative impact on the children; 27.3%believed that their husbands “have no ability” to take care of both working at home and raising children.

Among all the wives interviewed, 11.3%said that the way their husbands look after their children makes them very uneasy.

The Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company’s report said:“Due to the closure of kindergartens and the implementation of telecommuting by the company, husbands and children stay at home for longer. Many wives feel stressed by this and they raise children. The rhythm of the house has been disrupted.”

However, many wives admit that the new home model has brought some positive results. About 12%of wives said that they listened to their children more attentively than before; 16.2%of wives believed that the parent-child relationship had improved.