Japanese masters provoke Baoli Gao, ushering in a tragedy

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Provoking the Sanda King, how can Polygo endure ?

In December 2003, Polygone had just obtained the world free fight IKF gold belt. His opponent is Ryosuke Tokai, the champion of the Japan Karate Championship.

The competition has officially started! At the beginning of the game, Tokai Lin Liangjie never looked at Bao Ligao, so he seemed a little cautious. As the game progressed, Tokai Lin Liangjie seemed to find a little sense of the game.

In the duel, Baoli Gao’s mouthguards accidentally fell off. After Bao Ligao put on his mouthguard again, Donghai Lin Liangjie made a”provocative action” against Bao Ligao, and saw Dong Hai Lin Liangjie opened his mouth to his opponent, indicating Bao Ligao:Be optimistic about yourself Mouthguards, otherwise he will shoot it down.

Boligo has been so ridiculed? Blood raged and finally broke the deadlock with a series of fast breaks. His rainy fists forced his opponent into the corner, and Lin Liangjie of Donghai could only resist desperately.

After exploring the details of the opponent, Polygo started a fierce attack. He locked his opponent’s kicked left foot with his left hand, and then punched the opponent’s head with his right fist, one leg The supporting Donghai Lin Liangjie stepped back to the guardrail step by step, and finally fell to the ground, his mouth was already bleeding.

Dr. Ryosuke Donghai, who had a hard time getting up, even pointed his fist at the referee, and he was unable to tell the direction of the shaking. At this time, the referee also had to confirm whether he could continue the game.

Japanese masters provoke Baoli Gao, and the result is a tragedy!

Zhan Yi 18 is notoriously bad

Over the whole game, Bao Ligao made the most of his wrestling, and scored 10 times through wrestling. In the face of the Sanda King’s fall, Lin Liangjie of the East China Sea seemed to be at a loss, falling like a sandbag by the Chinese Sanda King.

In the end, Polyco won the final victory of the game without dispute.

Liu Hailong defeated Mizutani Mine

After the Dajie:70 kg, Yang Zhiqiang took the Japanese famous city Yuji 5:0; 80 kg, China’s”Super Sanda King” Liu HailongIn two games, he put down his opponent Mizutani Xuan; at the 85-kilogram level, Wang Xuyong defeated Xia Yuanwang by 5:0; at the 85-kilogram level or more, Kingele played against Kazakhstan’s Tom Bishev and hung Tom with his left foot In the neck of Schiff, KO knocked down his opponent, drawing a full stop to the Chinese team.

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