Japan’s Kumamoto Prefecture torrential rain caused 16 deaths and many islands

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Zhongxin.com, July 5. According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) on the 5th, a rare rainstorm occurred in Kumamoto, Japan , Causing river flooding and geological disasters. As of now, Kumamoto Prefecture has a total of 16 deaths, 20 people are in cardiac arrest, 12 people are missing, and about 30 places are external The traffic is interrupted, which is like a”land isolated island”.

According to reports, rare rainstorms caused flooding at 11 locations on two rivers, including the Kumamoto River in Kumamoto Prefecture, of which the Kumamoto River was located in the dam of Hitoyoshi. Large areas of the above-mentioned areas were flooded.

The special nursing home facility”Qianshouyuan” located in the Kumamo Village crossing area was besieged by the flood. Among the occupants, 50 seniors and staff were isolated, and 14 of them stopped beating. According to the Kumamoto Prefectural Government and others, some of the trapped elderly people are in serious health. Japanese Self-Defense Force carried out rescue activities throughout the night to send these people to the hospital for treatment.

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The picture shows the residents of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, leaving SOS solution words on the ground. Image source:All Japan News Network (ANN) video screenshots.

Xianliang Village and other parts of Kumamoto County have been destroyed so far, and about 30 areas are isolated.

According to the”Central News Agency” report, NHK photographed it by helicopter on the morning of the 5th. A huge SOS message appeared on the ground of Sakamoto-cho, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture. People near the building seemed to wave. Call for help. The Yatsushiro City Government and other units stated that this building is an abandoned primary school, and more than 10 local residents have taken refuge here.

Land Self-Defense Force Helicopter was also photographed in Kumamoto Village, Kumamoto Prefecture on the morning of the 5th.”There are huge white texts on the ground, which reads:”120 refuges at the Kamise Nursery”.

In addition to the above situation of asking for help on the ground, on the 4th, many Japanese netizens also called for help through social networks, and uploaded many local disaster images and photos to convey the situation of severe disaster to the outside world.