Japan’s new defense white paper provokes controversy:LDP raises”self-defense counterattack ability” to respond to criticism

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On July 14, the Japanese government passed the 2020 version of the”Defense White Paper” at the cabinet meeting. The ruling party LDP tends to give the SDF the ability to attack enemy bases, but it is expected that this will arouse opposition from Japanese society.

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The 2020 version of the”Defense White Paper”

According to the Kyodo News reported on the 15th, the Liberal Democratic Party’s ruling ally Komeito also worried that the new”Defense White Paper” would break away from the Japanese military and can only be used for self-defense. Tradition. In response to this situation, the Liberal Democratic Party proposed to emphasize the”self-defense counterattack ability”,”strike force” and other wording, in order to respond to the post-World War II Japan”peace constitution” against the voice.

According to reports, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s close friends said that the release of the new”Defense White Paper” must be like the limited permission of collective self-defense to gain public understanding of policy changes.

Comprehensive Kyodo News and Lianhe Zaobao reported on the 14th that Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono reported the 2020 version of the”Defense White Paper” at the cabinet meeting of the day. It is mentioned that, as in previous years, the white paper reflects the military strengths of the Self-Defense Force and keeping pace with the times. For example, it will strengthen space, network security, Military scientific and technological capabilities in fields such as electromagnetic waves. According to”Lianhe Zaobao”, this white paper has a special feature. The cover design is soft and unique. The fuchsia cover is printed with cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji, which is different from the previous cover of national defense equipment. Some analysts believe that creating a soft image can reflect Japan’s national defense aspirations to”maintain peace”, which is conducive to the Prime Minister’s Abe Shinzo“revision of the Constitution” .

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