Jiao Hailong 21+11 Zhang Qingpeng scored 37 points in the air

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July 31, Beijing time , In the 2019-20 CBA League playoffs, Qingdao played against Shandong in a 12-to-8 match. After four fierce contests, Qingdao eventually defeated Shandong 129-120.

The 12-to-8 match ushered in the Shandong Derby. At the end of the regular season, Qingdao ranked 8th with 25 wins and 21 losses, and Shandong scored 24 wins and 22 losses, ranking 9th. During the quarter-finals of Qingdao, Liu Chuanxing and Zhang Chengyu were the most stable players on the inside and outside lines. At the same time, celebrities like Zhao Tailong and Zhao Dapeng also have the potential to recover. If their combat effectiveness can be displayed in this game, Shandong’s defense line will be under tremendous pressure. Shandong’s performance in the quarter-finals was ups and downs, and it lost its strong team style before the suspension of the league. The two matches between Qingdao and Shandong this season occurred before the suspension of the league, and Qingdao has the advantage of winning both games.

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In the first quarter, Zhang Hui got a layup in Europe For the first point, Jia Cheng scored with an offensive rebound, Zhao Dapeng made a strong offensive rebound, Tao Hanlin turned to throw a shot, Zhao Dapeng faked a pass, turned around and scored, Zhao Tailong made two free throws, and Xu Jiahan countered and scored. , Tao Hanlin stayed in the air and finished the confrontation. Jia Cheng and Zhang Hui hit jumpers one after another. Wang Ruheng intercepted the ball and scored back. Shandong scored 9-0 and Shandong 16-10 Qingdao. Jiao Hailong hit the open three-pointer, Li Honghan counterattacked and hit a three-pointer, Zhang Chengyu and Jia Cheng shot each other three-pointers, Zhao Xuhong made 2+1 from the basket, Li Jingyu made a three-pointer from outside, and Wang Qingming also hit the ball from outside. Three-pointer, Chen Peidong returned a three-pointer, the first quarter ended, Qingdao 28-30 Shandong.

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In the second quarter, Tao Hanlin jumped sideways and beat the board , Zhao Xuhong scored in the air, Li Honghan stopped and turned back and shot in. Wang Qingming hit a three-pointer from the outside, Yang Jinmeng broke through the low hand and Tao Hanlin turned to throw a shot to stop the bleeding, Qingdao 42-38 Shandong. Wang Qingming broke into a violent slam dunk, Yang Jinmeng made a jumper, Liu Chuanxing pulled up from the basket and put it in, Li Honghan and Li Honghan scored 2+1, Xu Jiahan counterattacked one-stop forward, Tao Hanlin caught the ball from the basket and made a throw, Wang Ruize stopped at the free throw line. Shot in, Qingdao’s lead extended to 10 points. Li Honghan stopped a jump shot into the net, Jiao Hailong hit consecutive offensive shots, Tao Hanlin turned over and scored, Chen Peidong flew up and scored 2+1, the second quarter ended, Qingdao 61-50 Shandong.

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In the third quarter, Yang Jinmeng made a three-pointer from the corner. Tao Hanlin shot high, Jiao Hailong cut into the basket and scored, Jia Cheng scored 5 points with a penalty shot, Liu Chuanxing succeeded, Jiao Hailong quickly counterattacked the empty basket and scored, Chen Peidong made a three-pointer, Qingdao 70-60 Shandong. Later, in an offensive in Shandong, Tao Hanlin attacked Jia Cheng behind him when he fell to the ground. Jia Cheng was taken out of the field after a short period of treatment. Zhao Xuhong made a tip-in, Jiao Hailong caught the ball and ate the cake successfully, Zhang Qingpeng passed a three-pointer from the outside, Zhao Tailong returned with an open three-pointer, Zhang Qingpeng scored 3+1 from the outside, Li Jingyu also hit a three-pointer in the bottom corner, Zhang Qingpeng countered a dragon After scoring, both sides relied on free throws to score consecutively. Yang Jinmeng turned gorgeously and made low hands. The third quarter ended, Qingdao 91-86 Shandong.

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In the final match, Tao Hanlin turned over and scored with a hook, Zhao Tailong A long two-point jumper hit, Tao Hanlin turned back and hit a jumper, Jiao Hailong turned and hit the hook, Liu Chuanxing scored an empty basket, Zhang Qingpeng made a three-pointer from outside, Jia Cheng hit Xu Jiahan’s face with an elbow in a ball protection. As a result, Xu Jiahan fell to the ground in pain, and Jia Cheng also fouled. Zhang Qingpeng extended the perimeter by three points and Shandong overtook Qingdao 100-97. Wang Qingming and Zhang Qingpeng shot each other three-pointers. Wang Qingming’s attack caused Jia Cheng to block the foul. The two sides got up and a conflict occurred. After watching the video playback, the referee gave Jia Cheng a physical foul. Jia Cheng was expelled from the field and Wang Qingming had a technical foul.

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Zhao Tailong hit a three-pointer from the outside, Tao Hanlin scored 2+1 defensively, Lin Wickham made two free throws, and the two sides tied with 107. Zhang Qingpeng faced the basket and scored with a low hand, Wang Qingming scored a three-pointer at the top of the arc, Yang Jinmeng quickly caught the ball and scored with an empty basket, Tao Hanlin made a jumper with a step back, Lin Wickham made a jumper with an emergency stop, and Liu Chuanxing made a strong attack from the basket. Zhang Qingpeng made a one-stop counterattack, and Wang Qingming hit a three-pointer from the bottom corner. In the subsequent game, Qingdao firmly occupied a certain advantage. In the end, the game ended, Qingdao 129-120 Shandong.

Qingdao:Xu Jiahan, Zhao Dapeng, Jiao Hailong, Zhao Tailong, Liu Chuanxing

Shandong:Zhang Hui, Wang Ruheng, Li Honghan, Jia Cheng, Tao Hanlin