Jin Yuliang Yan:Attentively

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Smart people don’t necessarily succeed in everything, or even a mediocre life.

Stupid people often call”one-handed rotten card””King fried” and laugh to the end.

In the final analysis, what allows a person to go further is actually these two words:Attentive!

Being attentive is a capable person

There are In a word:

“Although there is little wisdom in making money, but careful consideration is the ability.”

Even if a person is not talented enough, It’s even a bit stupid, but if you think about everything carefully and finely, then this is a capable person.

Smart people are easy to fall into arrogance, so they are self-confident in all things, often with less attention, and there are also many people who are clever and wrong.

Besides, smart people cannot be smart and always smart, and things in the world are not just smart words.

On the contrary, it is a stupid person. Because he is not smart enough and has no place for self-confidence, he has to be low-key and simple, with all his heart, with all his heart, with all his heart.

So, the people who are attentive will accumulate and accumulate water droplets, and they will eventually transform their usual stability into a blockbuster at a certain point in life.

Despite all the difficulties in the world, the word”heart” is the most feared. Because of hard work, the problem will be taken seriously and every effort will be made to find a solution.

There is never a shortage of smart people in the world, but smart people are not equal to”capable people”. Without the words”intention”, geniuses will also be surprised.

A person who is attentive is the real capable person.

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Distinguish with your heart and avoid detours

There is a sentence in”Cai Gen Tan”:

If you think wrong, you will feel Hundreds of lines are nothing, and the prevention is just like crossing the sea floating bladder, do not allow a leak. Wan Shanquan has a life-long life, and the cultivation is like a Lingyun treasure tree, which must be faked to support it.

Life is alive, and mistakes are inevitable. However, many mistakes actually start in a single thought. But the difference between thoughts is a thousand miles.

Therefore, the ancients said that everything should be”thinking before thinking.”

Life is not a journey to go and talk about, and you should avoid being overwhelmed.

Be more careful and cautious in doing things, but it’s not a good thing.

Some people may say that life is about tossing.

Some people may say:adults must be able to bear every decision they make.

However, don’t overestimate your ability to bear, to bear two words, it’s not just to say it out of your mouth.

There is no regret medicine in the world, but many mistakes can actually be avoided. Before making a decision, think hard.

Weigh the pros and cons carefully, listen to the suggestions carefully, and distinguish right from wrong.

Every effort will make people make fewer detours and make fewer mistakes.

< h1>Feeling attentively and discovering happiness

In life, everyone has this experience:

A seemingly unremarkable little thing, but giving We bring great surprises and delights to become sudden happiness.

Modern people refer to this experience as a”small fortune” in life.

In fact, where is there any good luck?”Pie in the sky” has always been a”daydream.”

The”little luck” is just our intention to feel the little thing.

The Cai Gen Tan said:“The wind comes to sparse bamboo, the wind passes without bamboo sounding; the geese cross the cold lake, the geese go and the lake does not leave a picture. Therefore the gentleman starts to think Now, things go and the heart is free.”

This is about the way of life, but it is also about the way of heart.

There is a saying:Looking at the world with your eyes, the world is very small; looking at the world with your heart, the world is very broad.

Think about it, a large part of life is, after all, trivial little things, how can there be so many ups and downs, joy and sorrow?

If you feel every little thing in life with your heart and find happiness in it, wouldn’t there be”small luck” everywhere?

“Xiao indeed lucky” accumulated, and for a long time, wouldn’t it become”steady happiness”?

Many times, it is not wisdom but the attitude that determines the breadth of life.

A person is truly lucky, start with heart.

Confucian Feng Jun said:

Life is like an excursion, you can only go for a long time with your heart.

Working hard with half the effort is more effective; working hard with people and avoiding detours; seeing the world with heart will have good luck.

Every day, we must live our lives with care.