Klopp:I have no plans for things after 2024, and I don’t want to be a coach in my 70s.

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=f209108a98593a97a15086b6769a5cab - Klopp:I have no plans for things after 2024, and I don’t want to be a coach in my 70s.

Live broadcast July 4th newsLiverpool coach Klopp recently interviewed him about his plans for the future,Klopp said:I have no plans for things after 2024 (Klopp’s contract with the Red Army expires in 2024), I don’t want to be a coach in my 70s.

Klopp thinks he is not the kind of coach who can continue to coach until old age. He said:”I don’t think I will sit on the coaching seat when I am in my 70s. When I became 33, As a coach, I think I will work for about 25 years. I have worked in Mainz for 7 and a half years and in Dortmund for 7 years. By the end of the contract with Liverpool in 2024, it will add up to 23 and a half years. I have no plans for what happens after that.”

Klopp has not yet considered the specific time for retirement, but he Knowing that this is the future I want, Klopp said:”I hope I will still be healthy by then, I can say’Great, I like football, but now I want to watch others do it. Goodbye, I wish you all the best, I love you guys, but don’t call me because of football, that’s what I think.”

Although there are plans to choose the right time to retire in the future, Klopp’s current environment I couldn’t be more satisfied. He said:”I know what football means to the people of Liverpool. I admit that there are more important things in life, but among the good things beyond that, I like football the most. That’s why I I have been doing this industry. I like football very much, which is why I resonate with Liverpool. When there is an opportunity to coach Liverpool, it is an easy decision to make.”

“When I came to Liverpool, I really wanted people to accept newcomers, and I was also open to new challenges and new clubs, and from the first day things were in perfect harmony.”

“People’s enthusiasm for (Liverpool) this club is extraordinary, and the way they experience the darkest moments (always with the team) is extraordinary, and I believe this is why this club’s coaching status is different from other clubs. It’s different. I didn’t know this before I came here. People told me about it. I said, “Okay, we’ll see it.” It’s really Liverpool’s way of looking at it now.”

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