Korean skincare & make-up products that are popular in Korea, Koreans listened to question marks…

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Korean skin care products and make-up products can always be self-contained. Damei can always see the”Hot-selling Korean beauty products” category on Taobao and Xiaohongshu. Are these”beauties” in South Korea really so popular?

Today Damei will give you an inventory:which skin care products are”unnamed” and which beauty items are really popular in Korea? Babies who don’t want to spend unjustly, come and see Damei together~


Korean”Lang Defu” area

1, JMsolution series mask

Reference price:79 yuan/10 tablets

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The popularity of JM facial masks in China cannot be ranked first or second, but can also be ranked first 3rd and 4th, and every time it’s on the shelf, it’s the rhythm of a spike, and because of the cheap mask and high cost performance, it is also welcomed by many student parties.

But the problem is coming, the JM mask that is one of the representatives of Korean facial masks has quickly become a domestic one. JM has also advertised in its own country, but most Korean girls have never heard of its name. I don’t know where to buy it…

And the popularity of JM facial masks makes the products on the market difficult to discern. The more optimistic sister said that buying 8 boxes for 2 boxes is really good ……

I also think that JM uses a good sister to continue the repurchase, but a sudden whimsical detection is very scary.. ….

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This friend used a money detector pen to take a photo of the mask, and a Hulk appeared… (The test result is Mask contains fluorescent agent)

2, JAYJUN mask

Reference price:99 yuan/10 tablets

Another mask that didn’t know what to do if you suddenly caught fire, even Many celebrities have also recommended…

All girls have seen this mask at least, right? Its popularity is really high, but Korean girls really don’t know much about it, nor their Pick.

JAYJUN’s facial mask Damei has only used this orange moisturizing one. After using one piece, I really don’t think about it again without really returning my head. A little spicy eyes, and Damei immediately burst a pimple after running out.


It’s quite early to use this mask. Maybe JAYJUN is updated now, the product becomes more gentle and powerful, but in short, this mask is not so famous in Korea.

3. NATURE REPUBLIC aloe vera glue

Reference price:29 yuan/300ml

Remember there is an oil pipe girl who makes it incomprehensible Among the hot beauty products abroad, NATURE REPUBLIC Aloe Vera is the hottest thing that makes her face full of question marks.

At Myeongdong, you will see the aloe vera piled up in front of the NATURE REPUBLIC store. It’s not because aloe vera is particularly famous in South Korea, but it represents “sightseeing””Customer” must buy, everyone understands it.

The update iteration of Korean beauty products is fast, early There are more powerful products than NATURE REPUBLIC aloe vera, such as aromatica’s aloe vera gel.

This aloe vera gel is now the favorite of Korean sisters.

4. House of Eti’s double-headed repair bar

Reference price:78 yuan /Branch


As a representative Korean brand Eti House, I believe everyone has started or heard of its double-headed repair?

In the beginning, it was fired by the god Pony, but most of the girls knew it after they started it. Naturally, it’s sticky, Korean girls basically don’t need this.

On the contrary, Too cool for school’s three-color trimming powder, which is well known, is very popular in Korea and China.

But Eti House is also very popular with crushes in Korea, but the products of the fire are not the same as domestic ones, such as Eti House liquid foundation, monochrome eye shadow, eyebrow dyeing cream are all It is a very good single product.


Real high popularity product area

1, Snowflake show Run dry Essence

Reference price:610 yuan/60ml

Snowflake show Korean veteran beauty brand The mothers buy more, because of the high-quality natural, nourishing skin care products, they are also known as”mom-grade” skin care products in Korea.

Snowshower’s moisturizing essence is also the hottest item in Korea. It is said to be an essence but it is actually a muscle base liquid. It can be used before water, which can quickly open pores and establish absorption channels. Absorb the back lotion, face cream.

The ingredients are also in the style of”Compendium of Materia Medica”, with a natural feeling of nourishment. Among them, 14 plant extracts such as Rehmannia root, lotus, peony root and Ophiopogon japonicus have strong antioxidant effect , Anti-aging can also use this.

Compared to the big European and American brands, the price of Snow Show is more acceptable to most girls, and a bottle of 60ml is very durable and cost-effective. It is also very good to buy elders as gifts.

2. Tijiating Molecular Nail First Aid High Moisturizing Cream

Reference price:189 yuan /50ml

Tijiating is also a representative brand in South Korea. Is this domestic makeup cream particularly hot?

But This Korean makeup cream is really not well-known, don’t buy any horse oil anymore, now the favorite of Korean crushes is Tijiating’s little yellow tube first aid cream.

This ceramide moisturizing moisturizing cream contains 5 levels of functional ceramide. It is specially designed to repair dry and rough skin. Its moisturizing not only stays on the surface, it is very suitable for desert dry skin.

For example, I didn’t sleep well the night before and stayed up late and shut up and used it as a first aid. However, his facial cream can lock water for 26 hours-28 hours. It is completely okay for autumn and winter use because it ‘S ability to lock water is too strong.

This cream is not a refreshing type. Large dry skin and mixed dry skin are closed with eyes closed. Large oil skin and oil pimples should be watched.

3, Lanzhi Qin Run Rejuvenating Liquid< /strong>

Reference price:105 yuan/100ml

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Lanzhi’s Qin Run Rejuvenating Liquid is truly a well-known single product in Korea, milk The texture and the concept are very unique. The cream is directly integrated into the toner, which is more moisturizing than the toner and lighter than the cream.

After putting on the face, it is not a particularly refreshing and light texture. It is slightly thicker and a little essence water when pushed away, but it is very easy to absorb, and it is not greasy after absorption. With a faint milky fragrance, Damei quite likes this taste.

What made Damei particularly surprised was that the next morning, the skin was really soft and tender, and the feel was very different. Damei is a big oily skin. Oily, combined with sweating on hot days, is particularly sticky. Now with this skin rejuvenation liquid, the skin oil is much better, refreshing and elastic, and the suppleness of the skin is super good.

4, Clio eyeliner

Reference price:89 yuan/branch

An eyeliner with a Korean girl’s hand, which is super waterproof and will never make you dizzy. Draw a few strokes of the eyeliner on your hand and wash it with water several times without fainting, but use a special eye-lip makeup remover to gently remove it.

Clio’s eyeliner is also divided into hard and soft heads. Compared to buying its eyeliner alone, Damei recommends starting with his eye and lip makeup remover. The suit is more valuable.

Okay , After reading the above Korean good things series & not so famous series, how do you feel? Really easy-to-use products, no matter whether China or South Korea, everyone has a common feeling, there are some treasures that have not yet been excavated, Damei today gave Dakar hands ⬆️.

Today’s push comes here first, let’s see you next time!

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