La Liga champions are coming soon, Real Madrid issued a message to the fans:Do not gather to celebrate

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In the early morning of the 17th, Real Madrid will play against Villarreal at home, as long as they win, La Liga The champion will come.

But compared to the preparation for the match, Real Madrid are more worried about the problems after winning the championship-the club has begun to remind fans of the precautions to celebrate the championship.

On July 15th, Real Madrid officially announced that if the team won the La Liga championship, there will be no celebration, and at the same time, fans are urged not to gather to celebrate the championship.

Reminding fans in advance is also to avoid Liverpool chaos after winning the Premier League. Earlier, Liverpool fans gathered in celebration after the home team won the championship, and became the target of criticism from European and global fans.

Under the steadily progress of the epidemic prevention work after the La Liga rematch, the league is not willing to fall short. Next season, La Liga is also preparing to gradually restore the live audience, and completing a successful season is the biggest task of the moment.

Real Madrid will not celebrate the championship this time.

Before winning the championship, first publish a celebration guide

On the 15th, Real Madrid released a proactive announcement, which said,”If the team is in this Winning the La Liga championship this season, the team will not be celebrating in Sibelez Square, and also urge fans not to gather here. The current situation requires us to do our best to take measures.”

In Barcelona fans watch Come, such an announcement may be dazzling, but for Real Madrid and the Madrid area where the team is located, it is a very serious notice.

In fact, as early as a week ago, the mayor of Madrid, Almeida, had already expressed his intention to ban fans from celebrating in an interview:

“Fans Of course, we can celebrate the championship, because this is the honor the team deserves, but this year’s celebration needs to follow the relevant safety conditions and requirements. The city government will take all measures to prevent the gathering.”

At the same time, such a regulation is not just”targeting” Real Madrid-for example, if Atletico won the Champions League,”The measures will be exactly the same as when Real Madrid won the league.”

Liverpool won a large number of fans after winning the championship.

Liverpool became a”Leader of the Car”

Real Madrid’s early announcement of this appeal has nothing to do with the”Leader of the Car” in European football.

Previously, the Bundesliga and the Premier League have already decided this season’s championships, while Liverpool fans are in The Premier League has been criticized by many parties for its move after the ascension.

On the day Liverpool locked the championship in advance, fans held large-scale gathering celebrations around Anfield Stadium and other parts of the city, and even threw fireworks to damage the public building Royal Liver Building. Obviously breaking the rules of safe social distance.

Even head coach Klopp had to publish an open letter in the newspaper personally, calling on fans not to gather.

“I am also an ordinary person, and I have your passion, but we should not have an open gathering in the current epidemic. I have no objection to the celebration, but invite everyone to celebrate in private, we Don’t take the risk to let the virus spread again.”

By contrast, Bayern Munich, which has previously completed eight consecutive victories in the Bundesliga, is a better example—the fans did not appear to gather on a large scale. The team also canceled the previous convention of going to the balcony of Munich City Hall to celebrate with fans after winning the championship.

As the fourth European league to determine the title this season, La Liga undoubtedly hopes to learn the Bundesliga rather than become the target of the Premier League.

The behavior of Liverpool fans has put a lot of pressure on the epidemic prevention.

Successfully completing the season is the biggest goal

Since the rematch of La Liga in June, the epidemic situation has been relatively stable, and the Spanish Ministry of Health has introduced meticulous and strict epidemic prevention The measures stipulate that from the resumption of various epidemic prevention regulations during training to the vacancy after the actual game, all measures have been taken to prevent the outbreak of the epidemic after the league restarts.

Although there have been cases of Valencia, Atletico and other teams and referees infected with the new crown virus before, the above cases were quickly controlled and did not cause the virus to spread widely. Judging from the current situation, La Liga is only one step away from the successful completion of this season.

For the league, only when this season ends steadily can we begin to discuss whether we can gradually resume fan admission next season.

Before, the La Liga side had previously revealed that if the epidemic situation is stable, the stadium will be conditionally opened 10%-15%for spectators to enter the game. If the situation is optimistic, this ratio may be increased to 30%to 50%. If everything continues to be normal, by January 2021, the stadium auditorium can be considered 100%open.

But these plans will no doubt only stay on paper for the time being.

The Emergency and Early Warning Coordination Center of the Spanish Ministry of Health revealed on the 14th that in the past few weeks, the new coronary pneumonia outbreak in at least 15 provinces in Spain has intensified, and the outbreak has shown signs of rebound.

The Spanish media revealed that the government and the regions have begun to prepare for the second wave of the new crown epidemic, and some regions have decided to tighten their isolation measures again.

Until the epidemic is still over, the new season of La Liga scheduled to start on September 12 may still be played in the form of an empty court.

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