Lao Lei spurs Tottenham:one million miles backward, this state can not enter the top four

By ddzyx

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Live it on July 4th after losing to Sheffield United 1-3, Tottenham played in the Premier League standings The team has fallen to the ninth place. For the Tottenham state, the team’s former head coach Lao Lei talked about his views in an interview.

Lao Lei said:”Tottenham has regressed too much and has gone back a million miles. You can look at their current state and compare the situation a few years ago. At that time, the team had a very good state. Good Walker and Rose as defenders, Eriksson and Dembele as midfielders, and of course Ali, they are still far from the state at the time.”

“They were 2-3 years ago Beating Liverpool ranked second in the standings, and then Liverpool suddenly introduced some top players, great goalkeeper, very good Of defenders, they became champions, and Tottenham did just the opposite. They entered the Champions League final last season. Obviously that was a great Achievement, but their level of league performance has been very average for a long time. They averaged only one point in 25 games. That is a relegated state. Such a state really needs to be improved.”

For replacing Pochettino with Morino, Lao Lei said:”The club fired Pochettino and let Mourinho O came to the team, the senior management thinks’he is the right coach to lead the team to the top four in the league’, they need the Champions League, they already have a great stadium, a good training ground, everything is good, But now the wishes of the club’s top executives have not been fulfilled and will not be fulfilled.”

“Look, they are heading in the same direction as Arsenal. Can these two teams make the top four next year? I think Manchester City And Liverpool will be the top two, then Manchester United and Chelsea, and gradually mature teams, such as Wolves. For North It is too difficult for the two teams in London to get the top four next season.”