Li Bingbing met his opponent, dressed in a tube top skirt and dressed on the red carpet. Unexpectedly, 54-year-old Carina Lau dared to wear it

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Walking the red carpet in the entertainment industry is an indispensable activity. Actresses fighting with Yan are already very common. In order to be more eye-catching, many actresses will start with exquisite makeup and beautiful dress. Li Bingbing is already a regular on the red carpet and often has stunning shapes. However, she also encountered Liu Jialing when she met her opponent and was older than herself. I saw that Carina Lau wore a dark blue tube top skirt and walked on the red carpet. Sexy and boldly dressed suddenly compared with Li Bingbing wearing a nude tube top skirt.

Want to wear a dazzling effect, the design of the clothes is very The essential. You can see that this blue tube top skirt is unique and attractive. A halter design is added to the upper part of the skirt, but the halter part is only connected to one side of the skirt, more like a shoulder strap.

The ordinary sling is added on the other side. The asymmetrical design brings a strong visual impact. In addition, the shape of the tube top of the skirt is irregular, showing a diagonal v shape, exposing a small part of the skin is chic and sexy.

This skirt is actually not decorated, even basic printing There is no embellishment, but its design and cutting are very advanced. The tight-fitting version outlines our body curves, and femininity radiates from the inside out.

The high split at the bottom of the skirt almost reaches the waist, the entire thigh is exposed, and the long, slim white legs add extra points. The other leg is not exposed, leaving people with unlimited imagination, bold and sexy. It seems that the charm of the split design is really not to be underestimated, and you can see the good figure when you wear it.

High heels and jewelry are necessary when wearing a dress. If you want to create an elegant and elegant look, the matching point of jewelry is good enough. You don’t have to wear a lot of jewelry. Like this body match, only a pair of long earrings are selected, and the bracelet and necklace are directly omitted, but the effect of this blank is quite advanced.

The pair of long earrings are decorated with rhinestones, which are eye-catching under the lights, and they can especially set off the elegant ladylike temperament. Paired with a pair of silver high-heeled shoes under the feet, echoing the color of the earrings, the European and American fans are full.

Li Bingbing’s dress is more traditional this time, nude nude The red Chinese style print on the bust skirt is very elegant. In fact, such a trailing skirt is still very classical in appearance, but whether viewed from the front or the back, this skirt is not as eye-catching as Carina Lau.

The back of Carina Lau’s skirt is really very generous, almost showing the entire back, and her good figure is not covered at all. A few crossed straps wrapped around the back are simple and stylish, and it has a good fixing effect, and will not slip off like an ordinary tube top skirt.

Although Carina Lau has entered middle age, she is in Never wear old clothes, every set is very good. For example, this suit is very beautiful, with a straw hat holiday style. In fact, the fuchsia clothes are not easy to control, it is easy to give people a grandiose feeling, plain clothes are more tacky.

However, after adding geometric prints on the fuchsia clothes, the whole body looks fresh and lively. In addition, the suit uses a shirt and wide-leg pants, which is very fashionable to wear. It must be said that this is the correct way for middle-aged women to wear printed clothes. Such clothes are much younger than the red and green floral suits.

Ordinary suits are worn to give people a formality I feel very professional. Girls who like personality can actually try to mix and match. You will find that the suitability of the suit is still very strong. For example, this suit has a special personality.

You can see that this suit is worn in two suits, and the beige coat outside is quite satisfactory, which greatly improves the figure. The white suit inside is relatively unique. The design of a buckle and an asymmetrical hem gives a casual feel. Inside with a white short skirt and white tulle trousers, clean and fairy.

In this era of wide-leg pants, many girls have already It started to move away from the tights. In fact, wearing tight pants is more foreign body, and girls with beautiful legs can not miss wearing tight pants. Like this, wearing tight jeans with a vest and smock, the effect is particularly stunning.

It can be seen that the style of this vest is very basic and comfortable to wear. It can be worn out with a white palace-style lace outside. The lower body is paired with a pair of slim and simple jeans, and the tight vest outlines the curve of our body, low-key and a little sexy.

Mature women must wear shorts and stockings, The combination of these two pieces is super feminine. It can be seen that the upper body worn is quite common. The black suit with black vest is thin and white, giving a very elegant feeling.

The lower body is paired with gold shiny shorts, which matches the rhinestone neckline of the suit, showing a gorgeous effect. Paired with a pair of black stockings in the shorts, the legs instantly lost a lot of weight, but also with a trace of sexy, feminine can not stop.

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