Life and death, we have to face it calmly

By yqqlm yqqlm

A person’s life and death are determined by fate, not by himself. Come to this world in your own cry, and leave this world in the cry of your loved ones. Life and death are just a process, and no one can predict when they will live and when they will die. So we have to face it calmly. Some people can live more than 100 years from birth to death, have experienced ups and downs halfway, twists and turns, how many hardships can not destroy his belief in living. Some people’s lives are only a few decades, and they can’t withstand the torture of illness and die prematurely.

Whether a person is a distinguished bureaucrat, a wealthy man, an unknown civilian, or even a perpetual sinner The test of life and death, they are powerless in front of life and death.

When the epidemic situation arrived, how many of us had struggled against the virus, and even our white angels and anti-epidemic soldiers did not escape the threat of death after all, and some people were yin and yang overnight Across. There is also a bus in Guizhou Anshun who drowned instantly and more than 20 people have no vital signs. No one thought that his life would stop on that day. There are also fires in Australia, volcanic eruptions in Indonesia, explosions of tank trucks in Zhejiang, earthquakes in Tangshan, etc. I don’t know how many lives were lost in an instant.

Human life is very short. In this short process, facing many uncertain factors, no one can guarantee that we will survive. There is no tomorrow today, so we must cherish life, live every day of our lives, every minute and every second, live the value of life in a limited life, the splendor of life, and seriously do what we do, Love the person you want to love. There is no complaint or regret until the end of life.