Lift up! Zhang Weili was elected the best female fighting athlete in the first half of the year

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Every editor:Bu Jing

According to China New Network, on the 2nd Beijing time, foreign media ESPN selected the first prizes of the comprehensive fighting project in the first half of 2020, Zhang Weili was elected as the best female athlete, and at the same time, her duel against Joanna Yederzesik was rated as the best battle. The judges highly rated Zhang Weili, believing that she could overcome the difficulties when the new crown pneumonia epidemic spread and defeat Joanna’s game is a classic.​​​​​​​​​​​​3Ffrom%3Ddetail & index=0″width =” 573″height =” 503″thumb_width =” 120″thumb_height =” 105″zip_src_path =” eJysksFKxDAURf_lrZtmnBmCExAX7saN4E4RaWpMg42N6WuLlP67VKFCbUprugzhHe493BYKp5V-B95C5TRwyBOnJLUqJdokStL7w8PbrTjvbz4u785HiKByeQn8ETJEyym1FwSRaFuzWHyi1EbFaWHoPOb61RXm6kVionOIBhQjiOGUfQjmqYsAs8qIXyPfz3Aj8xhPl8O4yr8owYF6K40U9nm8lp__ktY72rDjzkuL – sJVafJZKuoi1ewBZVtnHcQu2pzPpt_Oy_geJqetkWtnd-Uqu4rAAD__09DlaM =”>

March , China’s first UFC champion Zhang Weili, in the UFC248 match, defeated the Polish challenger Joanna, defending the title successfully! Last year, Zhang Weili opened his opponent in just 42 seconds! Zhang Weili said at the scene:”My motherland is fighting the epidemic. It is not easy to participate in this game. Now the epidemic is related to all mankind. I hope everyone can work together!

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