Lin Dan laughed about Li Zongwei:he made my slam gold content higher, he would not let the ball

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July 15th news, Deng Yaping posted a video interview with Lin Dan on Weibo, Deng Yaping said:”At that time Lin Dan has not yet announced his retirement. We both came to a badminton friendly game. Well, why do I still play with my right hand? Both said that Ping Yu is One family, I can also understand his cherishment for opponents with equal strength. The game is to be evenly matched.”

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Ask him and Li Zongwei relationship. Lin Dan said:”When the two of us debuted at 17, 8 years old, the smell of gunpowder was quite strong. From a young age to now, we have a family and established a business, and look at one thing is more mature. I must beat you in the game, of course, not let you win, But we will chat on WeChat for a while after the game.”

When Deng Yaping asked about the relationship between Lin Dan and Li Zongwei, it also ignited the curiosity of the audience, Lin Dan also said:The Chinese people are very kind, but if Li Zongwei really won some time, it may not be the case now.” Deng Yaping also asked:”Are you overwhelming Li Zongwei?” Lin Dan said,”Athletes just refuse to accept If you have won me 100 times, then I believe that I can win back for the 101st time.”

“He is a very good and very great athlete. Positive Because of his strength, the gold content of my two slams is so high!” Lin Dan added.

Lin Dan also believes that Li Zongwei’s role sometimes exceeds that of the coach,”It is indeed because there are such opponents, sometimes more effective than the coach, his kind Hard work and strong, what you think is already OK, can be inspired again.”

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