Lin Dan:Li Zongwei works better than the coach! He made my two Grand Slams higher in gold

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Lin Dan suddenly announced his retirement in July. Before that, he had an interview with Deng Yaping, who once again talked about him Relationship with Li Zongwei. While affirming Li Zongwei, Lin Dan is very grateful for having such a good opponent. It is Li Zongwei’s constant pressure to achieve Lin Dan’s achievements, so that Lin Dan’s double slams have more gold content.

Before the badminton tournament was shut down due to the epidemic situation, Lin Dan still did not give up his dream of participating in the Olympic Games. At that time, with the team training all day, Lin Dan continued to clench his teeth. Hearing this, even the athlete Deng Yaping couldn’t help shaking his head and said,”It’s too hard!”

As a person coming over, Deng Yaping can better understand the difficulty of athletes. She applauded Lin Dan’s insistence at the time.”He started playing at the age of 5 for more than 30 years,” Deng Yaping talked about Lin Dan.”It’s harder for him like him to return to the peak than before. But he still chose to stick to it. I think this alone It takes courage, it’s amazing!”

Lin Dan is regarded as the most accomplished player in the badminton world. In his career, he has an opponent that can never be forgotten-Li Zongwei, Lin Li battle has always been the most watched dialogue in the badminton world. For his greatest opponent, Lin Dan commented:”If in the course of history, in some important games, he won the (championship), I did not take it, then the situation will be completely different. As a player, Li Zongwei is sure Not convinced. Because I think that the most basic state of athletes is to be a little arrogant. Even if you win me 100 times, I will win you the 101st time.”

After a brief pause, Lin Dan continued:”Of course, after he lost to me in the 2008 Olympic Games finals, including After losing some important games, this may cause his psychological burden to be greater. He is the hero of the entire Malaysian country and bears more things than me. He is a player who is concerned about the entire Malaysia, so sometimes the pressure will be It’s relatively big. We have been playing since 2000 until he retires.”

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Lin Dan and Li Zongwei are sympathetic, and their relationship is quite good, but at the beginning of each other’s career, they are far from being so good.”In fact, it wasn’t at the beginning. When I made my debut at the age of seventeen or eighteen, in fact, the smell of gunpowder was very strong at that time. I would stare at each other. If there is no net, I wish I had to fight.” Lin Dan talked about the relationship between the two,”Now because Everyone has been fighting for more than ten years. From childhood to now, they are mature with each other. Of course, I will not let you win easily, I must beat you, because everyone represents different countries. But after the game, no matter whether you win or lose, there can be A WeChat can chat for a while. There is such a change, in fact, to thank the fans of the two countries. When the performance of the two people is affirmed by everyone, the fans will be more accommodating.”

Next, Lin Dan talked about the promotion of Li Zongwei to himself. He said:”In Li Zongwei’s career, he has actually received the greatest affirmation that everyone thinks he is a very, very good and very great athlete. I also maintain very hard training and always want to beat me. It is precisely because of his strength that the gold content of my two Grand Slams is so high. Indeed because of such opponents, sometimes it is indeed better than the coach It’s also important, he will inspire you to keep working hard.

Coincidentally, Li Zongwei also expressed similar views in an interview, and he and Lin Dan are inspiring each other. Without Li Zongwei’s existence, there may not be such a successful Lin Dan.

As Li Zongwei retires, Lin Dan bids farewell to the national team, the badminton world no longer has Lin Li battle, people can only pass The video goes back to their past classic showdown. But the world badminton world will not forget Lin Dan and Li Zongwei. Without them, badminton will never have the influence today.