Lin Zhiling’s shape”A burst”! Wearing a black dress is active, 1 meter 5 long legs are too charming

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It is easier to wear clothes that are very sexy, but how to wear them sexy is not frivolous, it is a matter of relatively testing the ability to wear. Ingeniously combining sexy elements with other style elements can effectively weaken the frivolous attributes of some sexy elements, and at the same time can make the style of wearing look more diverse, so as to achieve the purpose of being sexy but not frivolous. More dignified. Lin Zhiling’s shape”A burst”! Wearing a black dress is now active, 1 meter 5 long legs are too charming.

林志玲This skirt adopts a stitching design, which combines pure black fabric with black lace. Black lace is a very sexy element, but if you use black lace throughout the design, it will give people a too sexy, not Dignified sense of both eyes. Black lace is stitched with pure black fabrics, the dignified sense brought by pure black fabrics will soften this overly sexy style, making the whole look more feminine.

Neckline Although the office adopts a v-neck design, it is not a deep v. This way, it can show the perfect shoulder and neck lines and our charming career line, and it will not appear too exposed. It is an ingenious careful machine. At the same time, the design of black tulle is also adopted above the v-neck, which adds a hazy sense of the neckline, making the whole person look mysterious and elegant.

at The waist adopts a hollow design. This design can display the charming waist curve very well. At the same time, this subtle display will not give people a direct exposure to the navel. In our daily wear process, if we don’t want our outfit to be too sexy, we can choose this more obscure design, changing the exposed navel to the waist cutout design, which can show the perfect waist curve , Will also appear dignified and charming.

at The shoulders also chose a mesh sleeve design. This design can make our shoulder lines look smoother, and the hazy black tulle gives a charming feeling and can elongate the proportion of the legs. In this way, the legs are 1.5 meters long, and the long legs are sexy and amazing.

This set The black dress chooses a more slim design, which can perfectly show our body curve. The choice of hairstyle is also to choose the elegant and dignified big wave curly hairstyle and the harmonious combination of clothing, which can make the whole look more eye-catching.

Pink The chiffon looks very girly in summer. Lin Zhiling’s white and pink gauze dress is covered with sequins. The sweet design is full of sexy back, and the whole person looks sweet and sexy, which is really beautiful.

The color combination of red and blue is easy to create a sense of sight for Snow White. If we want to create a full girly feeling in summer, we must not miss this color combination! And while Lin Chiling chose red and blue, she also chose a short haircut, which is Snow White herself!


Black is easy to create a sense of nobility, and a pure white pearl necklace on a black tight dress is almost noble. In our daily wear, if we want to create a sense of nobility, we can choose to match some expensive jewelry on a simple version of clothing, this is the simplest and least error-prone to create a sense of nobility Methods.

Pink with lace will not have a very strong sexy feeling, but it is full of sweetness, which is very suitable for us to wear in summer. Lin Zhiling chose a sleeveless design top, which can show her perfect swan arm. If we want to show the perfect curve of our figure, we can choose the simplest design possible. The simpler the design, the more beautiful the figure of a person.

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