Liu Luanxiong’s 1 billion property was frozen? Was accused of leaving behind the 29-year-old young wife and ran away

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On July 14, Liu Lunxiong announced that he had frozen two bank accounts with more than 1 billion yuan on the Internet recently, and issued a rumor statement, not only denying this rumor is absurd, but also said that he will All rights of legal investigation are reserved.

It is reported that this matter originated from the recent spread of Fan Bingbing on the Internet , Taiyang Chuanhe, Xi Mihua and others were suspected of breaking the law, which also affected Liu Luanxiong and Gambie and others. In addition, Hong Kong media reported that Liu Luoxiong had left his 29-year-old wife Gambi because of the accident. Fortunately, Luanxiong denied the absurd rumor in time.

Some time ago, some media broke the news that Liu Luanxiong and Gambi’s past. The media said that Liu Luanxiong sometimes scolded Gambi because of the small details in his life. For example, when a bodyguard bought a tissue, he did not buy a tasteless tissue commonly used by Liu Luangxiong, so he felt that Gambi was not doing things well. Gambi also couldn’t help running to the street because of scolding.

But in fact, the relationship between Liu Luanxiong and Gambie has always been very Deep, the man has arranged everything for Gambie early.

Not long ago, Liu Luanxiong was exposed to media after his health deteriorated. Liu Luanxiong, who was born with Liu Luanxiong and his ex-wife, Liu Mingwei, has already transferred all the shares worth RMB 2.1 billion held to his three children. The oldest is only 11 years old.

As early as 2017, Liu Luanxiong had already named himself The property was transferred to Gambie one after another. In addition, 5 billion Hong Kong dollars was specifically reserved for her, in case Gambi was in trouble after the lawsuit.

Although the difference between Liu Luanxiong and Gambie is 29 years old, The two people are not affected by the outside world at all, and they appear to be like glue on public occasions. When they mention each other, their eyes are full of love. Such love is enviable.